Friday, January 15, 2010

Here are my Friday leftovers:

  • I'm feeling better about some financial stuff that we've been talking over lately. I won't divulge the details, but I am less stressed and think we have made a good decision for our family.
  • Luca and I are still wrapped up in the potty battle. For most of the week he has been bottomless. Its not really doing anything to encourage him to use the toilet but, meh, it means less underwear to clean. At least this way he at least holds it until he absolutely can't anymore. I'll let you use your imaginations as to where Wednesday's poop ended up....
  • The bathroom is thisclose to being done. The tile is laid. The grouting is done. The painting is done. The sealing is done. The toilet is no longer a make-shift night stand for Chris. All that's left is to silicone the edges, reinstall the glass wall and door of the shower and voila! We have our bathroom back! Oh, and put the bathroom door back up. That would be good.
  • Our furnace broke yesterday. Some little part that Chris has in his hot little hands and will be coming home shortly to fix. At least the weather isn't -30 anymore. Thank God I have a handy (and handsome!) husband to fix these things!
  • I'm going on a date tonight with my very best gal. No kids. No husbands. Need I say more?
  • Family pictures are being done tomorrow. Yay! We haven't had one since Levi was 6 weeks old, so we're due. I had won a giveaway from this lady a while back for this gal to do a photo session. Our prior plans were cancelled thanks to Old Man Winter in December but tomorrow's the day!
  • I discovered this weekly post idea from this blog while I was creeping around. Love the idea. Love her blog.

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Danifred said...

Thanks for playing along- I'm so happy you decided to join me.
It sounds like you have quite the project going on with your bathroom- I'd love to see some pictures.
As a family, we've NEVER had our pictures professionally taken... maybe winning them might be the only way they'll happen :)

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Yeah for the bathroom almost being done! We re-did the kids' bathroom last spring when I was about 35 weeks pregnant . . . it SUCKED! And yeah for the financial stuff working itself out!

Karyn said...

Glad to hear the bathroom is nearly done!

This is a cool idea for a blog post.