Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An explanation

I know that many of you have been checking regularly for a new post and haven't found one in a while.

I've sort of put blogging on a back burner for now. It wasn't a conscious decision, just something that happened.

With Christmas and other things going on the past month, blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list.

I'm trying to focus my energy on my little family, rather than all the other "stuff" that has been consuming my days lately.

We leave for Disneyland in 1 week and I couldn't be more excited! I promise to blog about our trip when we return.

I fully intend to return refreshed and rejuvenated and will maybe have thrown my negative feelings and issues into the Pacific Ocean where they will be carried away...

Until then, thanks my faithful "checkers" (I'd say readers, but there hasn't been anything new to read, so since you check, I've dubbed you "checkers".).