Monday, April 30, 2012

Levi's LEGO Birthday Party!

Levi turned 4 last week and wanted a LEGO party. Thanks to Pinterest, making this a success was easy!

I made the invitations on the computer with a LEGO photo background and then cut them out and glued them onto yellow cardstock. Sorry, no photo.

The decor was simple- a red table cloth, a vase with LEGO in the centre of the table and some yellow balloons with faces drawn on stuck to the walls.

(sorry, you get sideways photos. I tried deleting and reuploading them a few times and they just won't go teh way I want them to!)

As the guests arrived for the party, there were LEGO coloring sheets out on the table that I got from this site. They are customizeable, so I was able to make them specific for Levi's party. There was a page to design their own character and one with blocks to color.

After seeing mini fig heads made out of baby food jars, I knew there was a reason I had been hoarding saving all those jars!  I spray painted the jars yellow (taping the threads so they didn't get all goopy with paint), then drew the faces on using real LEGO mini figures for inspiration, then sprayed a clear coat over top. The kids loved them!

I filled them with a surprise LEGO figure bag and some LEGO candies that we found in Banff. 

I made the cake to look like a few large bricks. In my head it looked a lot better. I had no idea that Oreo cookies (used for the top) were so difficult to cover with icing! Also, I ran out of icing and at 10pm the night before the party, I just didn't feel like making more. So, there are crumbs showing through the icing. I was beating myself up over it until Chris convinced me that the 4 year olds wouldn't care. And guess what? He was right!

I covered juice boxes in construction paper and used one of my scrapbooking punches to make the dots. Easy peasy! LEGO drinks! And I found some square yellow paper plates that fit just perfectly!

We played a "pin the mouth on the figure" game that I made out of poster board. All the kids except Levi thought this was pretty great. In typical Levi style, he decided to pout and not participate at all.

And just a few photos that my sister took that I thought I would include....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Playing Catch up

Its been mentioned to me numerous times by numerous people that I haven't posted in a while... Oops. So, here is a quick little catch up post, hopefully to be followed by some better posts soon.

  • Chris and I went to the Dominican over Easter. Just the 2 of us. The first 3 or 4 days kid free were wonderful but then we really started to miss them. There was so much they would have loved. We've decided that 3 or 4 days sans kids is the perfect amount of time. Long weekend vacations are in our future, I think!

  • I held a huge snake while we were on vacation. SO out of character for me! Eek!

  • My baby turned 4 last week. Four! Wow.  We had a LEGO party for him the weekend before his birthday (LEGO birthday post to come!). On his actual birthday, he informed me that he would not be 4 until he ate cake. The problem? I wasn't planning on making another cake. So, off to the bakery for some cupcakes I went!

  • How is it possible that my baby is 4 and my oldest is only 8 weeks away from being finished Kindergarten?! Before I know it they will be driving cars, graduating, getting married......ok, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away but seriously- where has the time gone??

  • The boys are eagerly awaiting the start of soccer season. Hopefully they will be starting next week!

  • We had some cold, rainy days this week. Although it was miserable, it is so amazing to see how just a little bit of rain can bring out the green in the grass! Yay for Spring!

  • Next weekend my sisters, my mom and I are having a Spa Day. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. I'm really looking forward to it. Brunch, Massages and Pedicures. Bliss!

  • There aren't many things better in life than great visits with wonderful friends. I've been lucky enough to have those recently. There is something so comforting about sitting down with someone who knows you so well and being able to talk about anything and everything. And being comfortable being together but not talking. Companionable silence, not awkward.