Saturday, May 26, 2007

There is a new post coming soon....I promise!!! Stupid facebook.....

I have lots of pictures and hopefully a video of Luca coming in the next few days!

Check back later in the week...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful day. First, I got to sleep in...until 10:00 am!!! My wonderful husband got up with Luca and let me sleep. Then he made me a wonderful brunch of bacon, eggs and toast. Luca had a long nap in the afternoon and we watched some taped episodes of CSI (I know, so romantic!). Then Chris made a delicious supper of BBQ steak, potato casserole, corn on the cob and Caesar salad. Yummy! We went for a nice long walk this evening before getting Luca into bed. What a nice day with my family!

Luca gave me an adorable book of pictures of animals with "mommy saynigs" and Chris gave me a book that I had asked for called "The Mommy Journal: Letters to your Child". I have been wanting to write letters to Luca for a while now, and this was a perfect book. I think I will write my first letter tonight.

I was thinking about the last year- this time last year I was about 8 months pregnant. Boy, have our lives changed since then! I could not have imagined the joy that being a mother could bring. And the fatigue, and at times, frustration, but mostly just pure, overflowing joy. Nothing can prepare you for the instantaneous love that you feel for that tiny child. I am still amazed at the reality that I am a mother of an adorable little boy, who no matter how hard I try to stop it, grows and changes every day. And makes me laugh every day. As much as I think I want a break, I can't wait to come home and kiss and hug him.

Not only has this past year seen me become a mother, but my relationship with my husband has only grown deeper. There are days that it almost brings me to tears to watch father and son together. It is so wonderful to see the love that I feel for Luca reflected in Chris' eyes as well. There is so much joy in our little family, and that joy and love only grows when we are with extended family.

Can you tell that today I am feeling very loved? There are many days that it seems like a never-ending cycle of mundane tasks. Change diapers, feed Luca, do dishes, play, change, feed, clean, cook, play, feed, bath.... But days like today, I just know that it is all worth it. No matter how routine things get, I know that I am appreciated and it is all done for our little family. And of course, it is great to have a day off and not have to do those things...come to think of it, I DID NOT change any diapers today, I did not cook, I did not clean. I did play, though! At least I still got to do the fun part!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

View our house online

If you are interested, you can view our house online at - the mls number is : 267930

Or at to view a virtual tour.

We have had a total of 4 showing so far (2 privately before we listed and 2 after we listed). The common feedback we are getting is that the house is too big. Strange. I didn't think that would be THE drawback to the house. Maybe a family will come along to buy it and then they won't paint over Luca's room!

If you haven't seen Luca's room yet and want to, check out the Virtual Tour. Its pretty obvious which room it is.

As sad as I am to sell, I am also hopeful that it will sell soon because I don't want to lose the Crossfield house and have to start the house searching process all over again. Plus, I love the Crossfield house...

I'll keep you posted as new things hapen.

And, yes, I realize that it's been a while since I've put pictures up. I will try to get on it soon. I promise. :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our hosue is listed

The realtor came today adn we listed our house. Yes, there were a few tears on my part, and the lawn sign isn't even up yet. We were a little surprised at what she thought we should list it for- $279 900. We'll see what we actually end up getting for it.

Luca's 4th tooth came in today. I am hoping that we can start getting some more sleep around here now (although he hasn't been too bad this week.)

That's all that's new today. We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Monday, May 07, 2007

An offer accepted...

Last night at about 9 pm, after a lot of back and forth between the sellers and us, we agreed upon a price and conditions for the Crossfield house. So, as long as our house sells by the end of May, we will be moving into our dream house July 13th. I will try to get some pictures of it up soon.

We worked our butts off today to get the last of the painting done, get some cleaning done, and packed up some stuff that we didn't really need taking up space before our house was viewed this evening.

The people that came to see the house are our age, we went to high school with them (know them but aren't part of the same circle of friends). I didn't really get a good 'vibe' from them as far as interest in the house goes. They zoomed through pretty quickly. But, they said they'd call us tomorrow and let us know for sure.

I'm pretty sure that we'll be hiring a realtor tomorrow.

I don't know if I am quite prepared to see a For Sale sign in frontof our house. I am pretty sure that there will be tears. Lots of them.

But, the paperwork for the Crossfield house is signed, not to mention Chris has accepted the positon, so there is no turning back now.....

I have a lot of mixed feelings churning around in my belly right now.

On another note, I left Luca for the longest amount of time yet on Sunday- 7.5 hours!!!! He stayed with my mom, Jessica, Sarah and Donovan. From the sounds of it he had a blast and didn't miss Mommy or Daddy one bit! We thought that he would have a better day playing than coming with us to look at the Crossfield house again, sitting in the car, etc.. I think we were right!

Then today, he went over to Jacquie's for 6 hours to play so that we could get some work done around the house.

He was away from me for as long as he would be when I return to work. Hmmmm. Maybe I am a bit more ready to cope with leaving him than I thought? I am scheduled to go back after the long weekend. Sigh. At least now I know that I can do it. But, boy, did I miss my little man, and I was so happy to see him and kiss him, even though he didn't really seem to care that I was back. Stinker!

Oh, also I started weaning Luca about 2 weeks ago now. I started by taking away one feeding (at his morning nap) and replacing it with a bottle. It was a tough few days, but then all seemed to be going well. When I began to take away a second nursing session (before his afternoon nap), he became rather upset with me and refused me all together. HE quit ME COLD TURKEY!!!! Seriously when I tried to nurse him, he would SCREAM like I was torturing him until he got a bottle. So, I guess he is completely weaned. I was still hoping for the bedtime feedings, but I guess not. Oh well, at least he's weaned, right?

Unfortunately, I ended up with quite a bad case of mastitis due to this. Sigh. Not to worry, its all cleared up now.

Not only did Luca not want to nurse, he wanted NOTHING, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me when it came to feeding, changing and cuddling (playing was still ok). He would not let me feed him, so I had to think up nutritious finger food meals for him, he would not allow me to hold his bottle, and he did not want to be cuddled by me. It was a pretty emotional few days.

I am told by the meanie that thought this was just too hilarious that this is common, and that Luca was just telling me that he was mad at me for taking away his nursing time. (Not to mention any names...Pat!) Anyway, I am glad to report that he loves me again and will let me be his Mommy again.

He has a 3rd tooth, as well (I think I may have already posted about that, but can't remember for sure.). The 4th is right under the surface. We'll see if it comes through or goes back into hiding for a while....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Verdict Is In...

Well, it is official. We are moving. Chris accepted their offer (a few counter offers later) for the position in Calgary. Chris has really already started the job as he has been filling in since the previous person left. So, he will continue to be spending most nights of the week in Calgary, and home on the weekends.

Tomorrow we are going back to the house that we liked to have another look and most likely make an offer. We'll let you know if it is accepted.

Although there was some discrepancy between what we wanted and the company wanted to provide, we are happy with the final result. Everything has really fallen into place, except for the fact that we were in limbo for a few weeks.

So, we are selling our house in Ponoka, obviously. If anyone knows of anyone that is looking to buy, let us know ASAP.