Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful day. First, I got to sleep in...until 10:00 am!!! My wonderful husband got up with Luca and let me sleep. Then he made me a wonderful brunch of bacon, eggs and toast. Luca had a long nap in the afternoon and we watched some taped episodes of CSI (I know, so romantic!). Then Chris made a delicious supper of BBQ steak, potato casserole, corn on the cob and Caesar salad. Yummy! We went for a nice long walk this evening before getting Luca into bed. What a nice day with my family!

Luca gave me an adorable book of pictures of animals with "mommy saynigs" and Chris gave me a book that I had asked for called "The Mommy Journal: Letters to your Child". I have been wanting to write letters to Luca for a while now, and this was a perfect book. I think I will write my first letter tonight.

I was thinking about the last year- this time last year I was about 8 months pregnant. Boy, have our lives changed since then! I could not have imagined the joy that being a mother could bring. And the fatigue, and at times, frustration, but mostly just pure, overflowing joy. Nothing can prepare you for the instantaneous love that you feel for that tiny child. I am still amazed at the reality that I am a mother of an adorable little boy, who no matter how hard I try to stop it, grows and changes every day. And makes me laugh every day. As much as I think I want a break, I can't wait to come home and kiss and hug him.

Not only has this past year seen me become a mother, but my relationship with my husband has only grown deeper. There are days that it almost brings me to tears to watch father and son together. It is so wonderful to see the love that I feel for Luca reflected in Chris' eyes as well. There is so much joy in our little family, and that joy and love only grows when we are with extended family.

Can you tell that today I am feeling very loved? There are many days that it seems like a never-ending cycle of mundane tasks. Change diapers, feed Luca, do dishes, play, change, feed, clean, cook, play, feed, bath.... But days like today, I just know that it is all worth it. No matter how routine things get, I know that I am appreciated and it is all done for our little family. And of course, it is great to have a day off and not have to do those things...come to think of it, I DID NOT change any diapers today, I did not cook, I did not clean. I did play, though! At least I still got to do the fun part!


Mike and Tor said...

Happy Mother's Day Janice!
Glad to hear it was such a great day for you.

Vinj&Kath said...

awww, jan you made me cry! Thats so amazing, and I can hear your heart is so true to your words.

It's amazing, I am so glad you feel these things, and had such a wonderful day, and that you have such a great man!

love ya,
Happy mothers day!

Karyn/Mom said...

What a wonderful description of being a mommy....I'm so glad you had such a good day - you obviously have a man who loves you very much and knows how to show it! Happy belated Mother's Day - I've been unable to be online for a few days or I would have said so earlier. :) Love you!

Dad, Paka, Jim, Jimmy, Uncle Jim, Nephew, Sweety said...

This path of discovery is, in my oppinion Jan, the most wonderful part of life. Even when you are 49 years old like Aunty and I, there are still new sensations, thoughts, fragrances, sights that come your way that overwhelm and surround you with warmth and fulfilment. You have express yourself wonderfully. Becoming a mother, seeing your lover become a Daddy, it just does not get any better, and yet it does, as God has the miracle of creation to come our way for all eternity. Just the time we think He has ended, some new and if we are prepared, exciting comes out way to challenge us and fill us with adventure and love for those who we stand beside and share our lives with.

Keep lovin' more and more every day. There is no other way.

Uncle Jimmy

Vinj&Kath said...

Janice, you haven't updated for a while:)

but then again neither have I...

Anyway, tomarrow is Vinjelus birthday, and today we'r going to whitefish montana, Jonny Depp has a house there! Yeah, maybe I'll see him:)


Anonymous said...

This was a very nice post, Janice. Very well done.


The Grahams said...

Quite a compliment, coming from you, Tom. Thanks.