Monday, August 10, 2009

Surgery Update

Last week I finally got the call from the booking department at the hospital that I had been waiting for. They had a surgery date for me!

They gave me a September 3rd appointment, which I had to decline as we leave for Vegas on the 7th and I certainly didn't want to be recovering from surgery while in Vegas! So, the next available date that they could give me was September 22nd, which will be 2 months to the day since I saw the surgeon. Not too bad considering my family doc said to expect a 3-6 month wait.

My surgery is only a week and a half before I am a bridesmaid in Jessica's wedding, but the surgeon's office assured me that I will be just fine by then. I sure hope so.

I am also still on the cancellation list, so there is a possiblity that I could be called to go in earlier.

My tummy has been not too bad the past few weeks, but I have learned that that can change at a moment's notice so I have been carrying my medication with me wherever I go. That seems to be providing enough relief until my surgery date.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Long overdue!

I have been meaning to post for many weeks now, always telling myself "I'll get to it tomorrow". Obviously, many tomorrows have passed since my last post, so here are a few different ones to catch us up to where we are now.

I'll try to be more diligent in posting!

So, read up on what we've been up to lately.

This Monday, we are heading to Ponoka to have a family BBQ as Tom arrives home today for a week. Actually, he should be here now, as it is 10pm Alberta time. He is home for the wedding of a good friend next Saturday. We have all missed him, not having seen him since Christmas, and are excited to see him on Monday. Luca is also excited to see Uncle Tom, who lives in "Tario".

We are also excited to meet Lisa!!!!

Lisa- thanks for reading my blog and keeping Tom updated on what we've been up to! :) See you in a few days!!!

Health issues

On Father's Day weekend, the weekend of our family campout with Chris' family, I ended up in the hospital with stomach pain.

The pain began after a deliciously greasy meal of eggs, bacon and sausage. I have had problems with acid reflux for many years now, so attributed the discomfort I was feeling to that.

When the pain got worse throughout the day, I began to get a bit concerned and Pat suggested that maybe I get it checked out. We headed into the Ponoka hospital, knowing that I would be seen much quicker there than if we were to wait until we got back home.

I was seen quickly and admitted. The doctor thought that it was either an intestinal infection or my gallbladder. I was put on IV and given some antibiotics in case it was an infection as well as some Demerol for the pain.

There were no available beds in the hospital so I spent a relatively sleepless night in the emergency department. At least I had a "private" exam room!

I couldn't get in for my "urgent" ultrasound for 2 days so I was able to convince my doctor (who saw me Monday morning on rounds) to discharge me with a prescription for oral antibiotics and pain killers.

We stayed another night in Ponoka and then headed for the ultrasound. It was determined that I had a gallstone, about 4 mm in diameter and some "sludge" in my gallbladder that was likely the culprit of the pain.

I was sticking to a diet of basically chicken and rice to keep the grease and fatty foods from causing the pain to flare up again but it wasn't really working.

I had an appointment to see the surgeon relatively quickly (a month after being in the hospital) at which point I had had 2 more bad attacks, but didn't go to the hospital.

The surgeon thought that my symptoms were serious enough to put me on a Tier 2 list for surgery, meaning that I would be scheduled for surgery in the next 2-6 weeks. This was much, much faster than the 3-6 months my family doctor had warned me it might take. The surgery is done laproscopically, and is just day surgery so I will be home the night of the procedure. And I've heard that recovery isn't too bad.

At this point, I am still waiting for a surgery date, but after having spoken to the surgeon's office yesterday they are still hoping that I will be in before the end of August. I am also on a cancellation list in which case I would be given 48 hours notice.

I'm just hoping that I can have the surgery with enough recovery time before we leave for Las Vegas on September 7th!

Holidays 2009

You may remember reading that we were planning to go to Yellowstone National Park for about 10 days.....well, we changed our plans.

After a few camping trips out, it was fairly obvious that they boys reached a limit at about 4 days in the trailer. Going for 10 might have been pushing it. So, we revamped our holidays.

The first week that Chris was off, we went camping for 4 days at Bow Valley near Canmore, our new favorite campground. We had a great time despite the almost constant drizzle and chilly weather.

Then we were home for a few days to do some yard work and things around the house. Wouldn't you know it, those days were in the high 20s and low 30s. Good weather for sweating in the yard!

Then we headed to Fernie, BC for a night and then into Montana to do some shopping. We stayed between Kalispell and Whitefish, Montana. The campground was great, but the problem was that it absolutely POURED the whole time we were there. Not just rained, but poured buckets. There really was nothing else to do BUT shop!

By the third day, our trailer seemed to be getting smaller by the hour and we were ready to come home. The drive home was no treat. We chose to drive the whole way in one day, which would be about 6.5 hours, but with 2 small children took closer to 8.5. It was a looooong day!

Then we were home for a few more days before Chris had to head back to work. And guess what? The weather when we got back was up in the high 20s and low 30s again! We just couldn't get good weather when we were camping!

On our way to and from Montana, we stopped in Sparwood, BC to see the world's largest tandem dump truck. Luca was absolutely awestruck! It was all he talked about and was definitely the hilight of his trip! The tires are 11 feet in diameter! The truck is huge! It used to be operational and was used in the coal mines at Sparwood, but was retired when something failed and was going to be very costly to fix. It is now a tourist attraction there. Check out the website.

Here are some photos of that trip:


On Father's Day weekend, all of Chris' family (except Tom and Lisa who were in Ottawa...we missed you guys!) gathered at Pat and Joanne's house for a weekend of camping.

It was by far the best campsite I've ever been to! What more could you ask for than a play structure, sandbox, fire pit with an extra large tarp shelter nearby and toilet all within few meters of you?! All of the kids had a great time and the adults always enjoy hanging out together.

My family came out for a weiner roast on the Saturday night, so it was nice to be able to visit with them as well. Its always tough to get visits in with both sets of parents, even though they only live about 5 miles apart. With my parents both working fulltime, our schedules don't always match up. It was great that they were both able, along with my sisters to come out and visit for a little bit.

Here is a collection of photos from that weekend:

Luca loves to roast his own hot dog!

Father's Day Photos

We had photos done for Chris for Father's Day. A friend that lives on Dee's street is a very talented photographer and she took them for us.

I haven't scanned the prints that I ordered to show you all, but you can click on this link for her website and see a few of my boys as well as Adelynn.

She did such an amazing job and we are so very happy with how they turned out. I highly recommend her to anyone. She doesn't have a sitting fee and her print prices are extremely reasonable, especially when compared to some other photographers in the area.

Luca's 3rd birthday

Luca turned 3 on June 29th. It is so hard to believe that he is 3 already!

He managed to get 3 birthday "parties" this year! We had one when we were camping with Chris' family, then another the following weekend at my mom and dad's and then the night of his birthday we had the Andersons over for dinner and cake.

Blowing out candles on the cake at Nona and Papa's

Luca got lots of great gifts and chose his birthday meal of:
-chicken he can eat with his hands (drumsticks as they are commonly known)
-noodles (sidekick noodles are a big hit around here)
-and big corn (corn on the cob)- that kid will eat 3 cobs, easily! They are definitely a favorite!

Auntie Sarah made a John Deere cake for him, which he loved! How lucky he is to have such a talented Auntie who also happens to work at a bakery! :)

Playing with his new John Deere tractor from Auntie Jay, Uncle Brock and Donny