Saturday, August 01, 2009


On Father's Day weekend, all of Chris' family (except Tom and Lisa who were in Ottawa...we missed you guys!) gathered at Pat and Joanne's house for a weekend of camping.

It was by far the best campsite I've ever been to! What more could you ask for than a play structure, sandbox, fire pit with an extra large tarp shelter nearby and toilet all within few meters of you?! All of the kids had a great time and the adults always enjoy hanging out together.

My family came out for a weiner roast on the Saturday night, so it was nice to be able to visit with them as well. Its always tough to get visits in with both sets of parents, even though they only live about 5 miles apart. With my parents both working fulltime, our schedules don't always match up. It was great that they were both able, along with my sisters to come out and visit for a little bit.

Here is a collection of photos from that weekend:

Luca loves to roast his own hot dog!

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Karyn said...

sounds like fun!

I love the photo at the end of you and levi - it's one of my faves!