Monday, September 03, 2007

Ok, ok, I know its been a while....

I've been getting some flack for not updating in a while, so here's the new post. Although I noticed that others haven't updated in nearly as long, either (Victoria!)...

We have now been in our new house for about 5 weeks. We are fairly settled (there are still many unpacked boxes in the basement, but we like to not think about them). The first few weeks here were a bit lonely for me. Being in this small of a town, people look at you strangely when they don't recognize you but aren't necessarily willing to chat. So, trips around town and into the grocery store were a bit strange. I am used to always seeing at least one person that I knew at the grocery store and stopping to chat for a while. Not knowing anyone is a bit of a change.

Chris was on holidays for 2 weeks shortly after we moved so that definitely eased the loneliness that I was beginning to feel. We did some camping, went to the zoo and did a bit of stuff around the house. The 2 weeks went very quickly but we enjoyed our time as a family. Our original plan was to go to Kelowna or somewhere in that area for holidays, but with the move and other things happening this summer, we decided to stick closer to home.

We camped with my parents a weekend in August near Bowden. It was a bit cool that weekend and we had been saying that we would like a bigger trailer maybe next year so that there was room for Luca to play when it was cold or rainy outside. Being in a 14 foot trailer just wasn't conducive to playing in. We had forgotten diaper wipes and were in need of some more wood so Chris and my dad went to Innisfail to get some. While they were gone, Luca and I had a nap, only to be awaken by Chris saying that he had a surprise for me. I stepped outside the trailer to see another, larger trailer hitched to my dad's truck. To my great surprise, he had purchased a new (to us) trailer while he was in town. I wasn't too sure how I felt about that until I heard the great deal that he got on it. After selling our smaller trailer, we only paid $300 for a 17 ft, 9" wider, fantastic condition trailer. So, we moved all our stuff into the new trailer and slept there for the rest of the weekend. It was an eventful weekend, indeed!

I had applied for a few teachign jobs in the area, adn hadn't heard about any, so had assumed that I would be subbing again this year. Then, I got a call for an interview! I was so excited, but not really getting my hopes up as I have had a few interviews that did not result as I had hoped. I went for the interview and was offered the job!!!! Chris and I were beside ourselves with excitement! It is practically a dream job for me, so I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by! It was very tough to think about having to leave Luca, but things have all worked out.

Here is an overview of my job:
I am teaching a supplementary resource program for Grades 5-8 which is essentailly life skills, functional math and functional reading for those that are low functioing disabled. I will have between 3 and 7 students at a time.Our mornings will basically be Math and Language skills with the afternoons being life skills based programs such as cooking, work experience, social skills and health and safety topics.

All of the students will be integrated into their own homeroom classes for subjects such as phys ed, art, and music. They will participate in some science and social activities in the regular classroom with our assistance when they are able. Any field trips that their regular calss takes they will participate in with the assistance of either myself or an aide.

While this all sounds like an easy ride, I assure you, it isn't. Besides dealing with some of the behaviour and emotional issues that some of these students have, there is a ton of administrative work. I need to write an Individual Program Plan for each student (and help write for the other 50 or so learning disabled students in the school). An IPP is essentially the studen't curriculum, which tells us the skills that need to be worked on as well as academic functioning, formal assessments, medical interventions, etc. They are time consuming and not easy to write. I have to be completed these by September 30th, so this month will be very busy trying to get to know the kids so that I can write a plan for their year.

As well as lots of paperwork, I must attend a meeting monthly with psychologists, social workers and the family school liason to discuss each and every student with an IPP in the school as well as those studnets that are "at risk".

This week has been very long with meetings nearly all day, every day. I am really looking forward tot eh kids coming on Tuesday and getting to know them.

As for childcare, I was very fortunate to find someone that I really liked to watch Luca. She lives near the school, and has had a dayhome for many years. Before that, she was a teaching assistant at a private school in Calgary and up until recently was a foster parent. She was recommended to me and I felt immediately at ease with her and Luca seemed very comfortable there. I am so relieved that I know that Luca will be happy and safe while I am at work. Thanks so very much to Dee, who I couldn't have lived without for the last week. Luca has enjoyed spending the days with her and Adelynn and it has been so comforting knowing that he was with someone that loves him so dearly.

Tomorrow is my mom and dad's 25th anniversary. On Saturday we took them to Edmonton and had photos done at the antique photo parlor and then went out for supper. It was very nice to spend the day with our immediate family, as too often we are busy and are not always together. We had a fun evening, and some great photos, too!

Our 5th anniversary is coming up on Friday. Hard to believe that it has been 5 years, but them other times it feels like we've always had eachother. Every year with Chris just gets better and better. I couldn't have asked for a more caring and devoted husband and father for Luca. I know that every year to come will continue to be fabulous!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I really need to put them on the computer from the camera. Unfortunately, I just don't have time right now, as I should be prepping for school tomorrow. But, I did tell Auntie Karyn that I would post this weekend...... :)

I will try to get some pictures up again soon. I know, I'm falling behind!