Monday, November 22, 2010

I am alive!

Wow. I realized when Chris told me that I was really falling behind on my blog that it was serious. I actually recently discovered that he actually checks it of his own accord, not just when I tell him to.

So, to my few (if I have any left) faithful readers, I apologize. I'm lazy, that's really my only excuse. I could say that I have been working (true), gone on a 4 day trip to the mountains (also true) and just plain busy (true...sort of), but I'm not going to make excuses. I'm a no good, terrible, very bad blogger.

But I have some exciting news to share!!!

Last night I booked our tickets to DISNEYLAND!!!!!

I'm really not sure who is more excited- me or the kids. No, wait. I do know. Its most definitely me! I've never been to Disneyland (or California, for that matter) and got a teensy weency taste of Disneyworld when I was in Florida this summer. I'm am just beyond excited to get to go and to get to experience it with my boys.

And since I am not breaking into a sweat at the thought of getting on an airplane, I'm actually excited for the boys to experience their first flight. They are both fascinated with airplanes and I think that they will think its pretty cool.

We are going to be in Anaheim from January 26 to February 3. I just by chance checked the WestJet site last night to discover that yesterday was the last day of a seat sale and that we could book our seats for $148 each! Both ways! This is a small fraction of the price that the tickets were a few months ago. We've been waiting for a seat sale but I'd been slacking in watching the site. I'm glad I checked last night! So, for just ober $300 each, we can fly to and from California.

We had originally thought we would go from the 26 of January and come home the 1st of February but Chris pointed out that we would essentially have 2 days of travel that wouldn't really be "holiday". So, after checking the seat prices to see that the rates were the same a few days later, we (I) decided to stay for a few more days, giving us some more time to spend going to the parks, the beach, shopping...whatever!

We are planning to rent a condo so that we have a bit more space and can prepare the majority of our meals and pack lunches to be the most cost effective. I have found a few very close to Disneyland, so the next step is to just book one! Then we'll need to rent a car, but other than that, the big things will be booked!

I got the boys their passport photos today and was anticipating a battle to get them to sit "just so" and look "just so" but with one shot of each of them, we had it! They were champs, sitting still and not smiling. Yay! The forms are almost completed and we can get those off.

Things are really coming together! I'm so excited!!!!