Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new decade

Today is the last day of my 20s. Tomorrow I will wake up and be 30.  I'm actually not freaked out about being 30 like some people get. (Although when I was a kid, 30 was OLD!)

I was, however, thinking about my 20s.  Looking back, it was a pretty amazing decade in my life: I got married, had 2 wonderful babies, started a career as a teacher, took a leap and started a new career as a doula, travelled to places I had only ever seen in photos, and have to date witnessed 22 babies (besides my own) come into this world.

30s- you've got some big shoes to fill. That's some pretty awesome stuff to follow.

Bring. It. On.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wild and Wacky Weather

Yesterday gave us some strange and, at times, scary weather.

We woke up to a lovely 11 degrees above zero and some winds from the West. This isn't uncommon since we live in an area that often gets chinooks blown in from the mountains.

But by noon, there were shingles flying, our trampoline dancing in the wind and our windows rattling.

  At about 1pm, the radio and tv were interrupted with an emergency broadcast due to the severe winds.  Calgary's downtown core was shut down to all pedestrian and vehicle traffic because windows were being blown out of high rises and debris was flying everywhere. Wind speeds in the downtown were recorded at 149km/hr- Category 1 Hurricane Force winds!

Trees were uprooted in Crossfield, store fronts ripped off, siding torn away and many shingle-less houses were left to then deal with the hail and then snow that came through later in the evening.

As far as we have been able to tell, our house is ok, with minimal or no damage to our shingles and siding. It was a scary afternoon though. If it had been a summer month, you can bet I would have been hiding out in the basement!

In this picture you can see the shingles of one of our neighbours' house being ripped off. They suffered quite a bit of damage, with the yard and field behind us being dotted with shingles from their house.
The tall house at the top of the picture is ours- no damage is visible. :)

 These houses are about a block down the street from us to the South.

When we arrived at school this morning, this was what we saw:
(notice that the photos from yesterday there was no snow- we got this snow overnight, before anyone had time to fix their roofs)

You can watch a news clip of some other damage around the Crossfield area here

Thankfully we didn't suffer any major damage and more importantly, we are all safe!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Playground for A new School

A dear friend is the principal of this school and they are trying to get money to build a playground on the property of this brand new school in Olds, Alberta. Please take a moment and vote for them to win the donation.

 P.S. For doing so, you get a coupon for Buy One Get One Joey's famous fish and chips! ;)

Please vote and share this with your friends!

Voting closes November 30th.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings

I have been neglecting my blog lately. For my readers (in the single digits, anyway!), I apologize. Life has gotten busy.

Last week I subbed in Luca's class for 3 days while his teacher was away with her husband at a conference.  I was there Monday- Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, Luca got up, came into my room and said "Is Mrs. Chicilo back yet or do you have to be my teacher again?"  Feelings a little hurt, I told him I would be there for one more day. His response? "Oh, okay. But she'll be back tomorrow? I miss Mrs. Chicilo."  At least I know he loves his teacher and is secure andcomfortable with her.  I am supposed to be going in tomorrow to be a volunteer mom so I'm curious to see how it will be from the other side of the desk.

I got a call this morning at about 6 that one of my mamas is in early labour. So, I'm sitting sipping a caramel macchiato and waiting for the call that she is in active labour. She is also a doula, so she'll know best when to call. I'm a little nervous "doula-ing" for a doula, but she chose me, so she must be confident in my abilities to comfort and guide her through labour.  She has chosen to have a  birth with midwives at a birth centre. This will be my first experience at an out of hospital birth, so I'm excited and nervous about the unknown. (For those of you that are queasy about not being in the hospital, don't worry, it is literally only a few blocks from the Foothills and the hospital is aware that there is a birth going on and will be prepared to send an ambulance if needed. And midwives are highly trained medical professionals that ONLY do this, so their experience and expertise are similar to that of an OB).

I am FINISHED Christmas shopping for everyone except Chris. NO idea what to get him and he's no help. His reply? "Nothing." What do I do with that??  Anyway, I start shopping in September, watch for sales and buy a few things at a time. Some things I have ordered, some I have gone and picked up from the store. I write a list and make sure that I have ideas for everyone before I go with their gift in mind.  I have 3 gifts that I am making- one is nearly done and the other two are a work in progress.  I'm excited to start wrapping, which is almost my favorite part! I do love trying to come up with thoughtful, unique and meaningful gifts for people though.  I try to stay away from gift cards because, while I really don't mind getting them, I feel like I've not put any thought into the gift I'm giving. I love to see people's reactions when the realize that I've thought about something just for them or listened and took note of something they've mentioned they want or need.  Christmas is about giving and I really do love to give! (Gift giving is one of my love languages. If you haven't read the book, you should! I have the children's one on my bedside table but haven't read it yet.)

Speaking of giving, the boys and I are going to be putting together shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I remember doing this many years as a kid and I loved shopping for the items that other kids might like to get. Last Thursday at MOPS, we had a few ladies speak about their experiences actually going with Samaritan's Purse and handing the boxes out to children in need in Costa Rica. The photos they shared and the stories they told just made my heart ache for those families that have nothing compared to us. I want my children to know now, at a young age, that they are beyond lucky to be so comfortable. To have food whenever they want it. To have a roof over their heads, a warm bed and a flushing toilet. To have more toys than any little boys need.  I want them to put some thought into sending items to other children that would otherwise get nothing.

OCC has a Veggie Tales video geared for kids to explain the campaign and the need. I'll be showing it to my boys this week and then we'll be going to buy items for the boxes. I'll try to remember to take pictures of them with their items and boxes and post them!

Happy Monday!