Saturday, August 01, 2009

Long overdue!

I have been meaning to post for many weeks now, always telling myself "I'll get to it tomorrow". Obviously, many tomorrows have passed since my last post, so here are a few different ones to catch us up to where we are now.

I'll try to be more diligent in posting!

So, read up on what we've been up to lately.

This Monday, we are heading to Ponoka to have a family BBQ as Tom arrives home today for a week. Actually, he should be here now, as it is 10pm Alberta time. He is home for the wedding of a good friend next Saturday. We have all missed him, not having seen him since Christmas, and are excited to see him on Monday. Luca is also excited to see Uncle Tom, who lives in "Tario".

We are also excited to meet Lisa!!!!

Lisa- thanks for reading my blog and keeping Tom updated on what we've been up to! :) See you in a few days!!!

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Poltzie said...

Yay - glad you posted!! How is the gallbladder? Do you have a surgery date yet?