Monday, April 30, 2012

Levi's LEGO Birthday Party!

Levi turned 4 last week and wanted a LEGO party. Thanks to Pinterest, making this a success was easy!

I made the invitations on the computer with a LEGO photo background and then cut them out and glued them onto yellow cardstock. Sorry, no photo.

The decor was simple- a red table cloth, a vase with LEGO in the centre of the table and some yellow balloons with faces drawn on stuck to the walls.

(sorry, you get sideways photos. I tried deleting and reuploading them a few times and they just won't go teh way I want them to!)

As the guests arrived for the party, there were LEGO coloring sheets out on the table that I got from this site. They are customizeable, so I was able to make them specific for Levi's party. There was a page to design their own character and one with blocks to color.

After seeing mini fig heads made out of baby food jars, I knew there was a reason I had been hoarding saving all those jars!  I spray painted the jars yellow (taping the threads so they didn't get all goopy with paint), then drew the faces on using real LEGO mini figures for inspiration, then sprayed a clear coat over top. The kids loved them!

I filled them with a surprise LEGO figure bag and some LEGO candies that we found in Banff. 

I made the cake to look like a few large bricks. In my head it looked a lot better. I had no idea that Oreo cookies (used for the top) were so difficult to cover with icing! Also, I ran out of icing and at 10pm the night before the party, I just didn't feel like making more. So, there are crumbs showing through the icing. I was beating myself up over it until Chris convinced me that the 4 year olds wouldn't care. And guess what? He was right!

I covered juice boxes in construction paper and used one of my scrapbooking punches to make the dots. Easy peasy! LEGO drinks! And I found some square yellow paper plates that fit just perfectly!

We played a "pin the mouth on the figure" game that I made out of poster board. All the kids except Levi thought this was pretty great. In typical Levi style, he decided to pout and not participate at all.

And just a few photos that my sister took that I thought I would include....


Joy said...

You did a great job on the cake!! everything looked so cool :)

Joy said...
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Jay said...

It was an awesome party indeed! And the cake was delicious