Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

The Complainer Edition

  • The rain of the last week has been getting to me. The first day I didn't mind it- the rain I knew would bring green grass, buds on the trees and flowers poking through the ground. But the cold and the wind and the greyness was bringing me down. It was nice to wake up to sunshine this morning, but it is to be short lived- more rain in the forecast for the weekend. Blah.
  • At the end of 2011, we found out that Chris would be losing his company truck at the end of June- the office staff would no longer get this perk. So, we've known that we needed to buy a car soon. We'd been watching kijiji and did see a few we liked, but didn't get so far as to go and look at. Then Chris found a Subaru Outback. It was a great price and looked to be in great condition. He talked the price down a bit and agreed to purchase it. The family that owns it is moving mid-May, so the agreement was that Chris would put a deposit on it and then get it when the family moved. That actually turned out to be a good thing because it gave Chris some time to call the Subaru dealership and have them pull the service records. It turns out, there is a major repair that needs to be done, so Chris contacted the owner and was able to get $500 more taken off the price of the car. So, we got a really good deal on teh purchase price but will need to do some repairs when we get it.
  • Speaking of repairs, because 1 vehicle isn't enough, the front end of my truck was making "clunking" noises. Yes, that is my very educated description. Chris looked at it and had an idea what it might be and we decided to take it in. Well, it's fixed and we now have the "honor" of owning the most expensive shocks that repair shop has put in. Yay us! We didn't think about the luxury suspension system when we bought a "luxury" vehicle. Lesson learned and nearly $2000 poorer.
  • The boys were supposed to start soccer in Mid-April. We were told that when the fields were dry, we would begin. April came and went with no communication at all. Finally, we got an email saying that there weren't enough coaches and they didn't know if they could run the U4 and U6 teams. Perhaps they should have communicated this mid-April so they could try to get some volunteers? NOT 2 weeks after they were supposed to begin playing... About a week later, we got another email saying that soccer would indeed start this Saturday- May 5th and that the coaches were getting thier lists early this week. Have we heard from anyone? Of course not. Last year, Luca was somehow missed and not even put on a team until we contacted the person who runs it (after weeks of trying to get in touch with her unsuccessfully, but that's another story). Ugh. I'm so irritated and annoyed. Apparently this is how disorganized it always is every year. That's not ok with me! If the person who is doing it is finding it to be too much, she needs to ask for help or pass some tasks to someone else! Grrr!
    Ok. Complaints over. I feel better. Now off to do a bit of gardening before the rain settles back in....


Jay said...

What year is the Outback? Is it quite fuel efficient? I found the soccer here to be ridiculously unorganized too. Ugh!

The Tompkins Family said...

That is so bloody annoying about soccer! What the heck!! Maybe you need to volunteer? You know, during your free time since you have so much of it?!