Friday, May 18, 2012

Kids: On Death

I love listening to the boys' conversations. Tonight at supper, they had quite an interesting one. It went like this:

Levi: I can't wait til I'm 5!

Luca: Do you know that you only have 90 birthdays and then you die?

Levi: Yep.

Luca: Like Biz Nona. She was at least 90!

Levi: Yup but now she's a baby again. (Note: I have NO idea where he came up with his. Apparently he believes in 4!)

Luca: No, she's not a baby. God made her back an old lady but she floats in the clouds and watches us and keeps us safe. (He then whispers conspiratorially) And little fairies fly around and kiss her on the lips!

Levi: I can't wait til I'm 90!

Haha, seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Luca was so serious about the fairies too! LOL


Karyn said...

Ya gotta wonder where they come up with this stuff!

Amy said...

awwww! I don't think shes still "an old lady" but I do like to think she is in the clouds and watching us and keeping us safe. And reminding me what goes in Orange Rice!