Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Canadian Pride

I was going to write about the Olymipc Torch Relay going through town last night but my friend over at The Dream to Write said it better than I could have. So, I am just linking you there to read her account of the community spirit and Canadian pride demonstrated in our little town of 2500 last night.

While you are there, read through her previous posts (she's new to the blogging world so there aren't many yet). She is an amazingly talented writer and I have been honored to be selected to proof some of her work already. The latest, just today, made me cry. I'm hoping that she'll share it with you all soon. She has also completed a screenplay (so awesome! Another of my honors to proof for her!) that is hopefully going to meet the right eyes soon and with any luck sold and made into a movie!

So head over there and see for yourself the way she has with words and the down to earth, honest and often times hilarious writing!

Oh ya, and since this was supposed to be a post about the Olympics......GO CANADA GO!!!!

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Writer Mom said...

Okay, Jan, I'm seriously blushing here. Next time you give me a plug, could you be a little more gushy, please? :) You know I love you to bits. Your encouragement is priceless to me and means so much as I start to get my writing out in the world. Thanks for encouraging your friends to read my blog - I just spent a ton of time on your site figuring out the blogging world! Thanks for the education, the praise & your fantastic friendship. xoxoxoxo