Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 in the Rearview Mirror

Hard to believe that it is 2010. Where did 2009 go??
Here's 2009 at a glance for the Graham family:

  • Levi turned one, conquered walking and is beginning to be quite a talker. As he gets older, the fights with his brother get more intense and less single sided. Watching him watch his brother and figure things out is so neat - you can almost see when he gets something figured! He's such a fun little guy and gives the sweetiest litte kisses. At the moment he is asking for a "nack". (snack) How cute is that? ;)
  • Luca turned 3. Need I say more? We have struggled with his attitude and determination to be independent in all things BUT pooping on the potty. Well, actually, he is being independent in choosing not to but I really, really hope that 2010 brings an end to diapers for this family!! Luca is hilarious in his off the cuff statements and has a memory like a trap. Don't promise that kid something that you aren't willing to follow through on or that you might forget, because he won't let anyone forget!
  • I returned to work part time. Subbing allows me to choose my days and to have some flexibilty that having a full time teaching position just doesn't. I can still be a stay at home mom the majority of the time but I can also be the "other me" a few days a week. Its a nice balance for us.
  • We bought a newer, much larger trailer than we had before in May and got tons of use out of it this summer. We did many camping trips to the mountains, a trip into Montana, a trip to Drumheller in the rain and a few trips to Central Alberta. We love the space in the trailer and the great features that we didn't have before - like a bathroom with bathtub! And air conditioning...not that we could use it this past summer!
  • I had surgery in September to remove my gall bladder. Turns out that wasn't the primary source of my pain, but its out nonetheless.
  • In September we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (10 years together). In love more today than we were the day we married!
  • Also in September, we took a trip to Las Vegas with our best friends Dee and Layne. Our 4 days were filled with sightseeing, shows, shopping, good food and NO KIDS! We had a fantastic time!
  • September also had us bidding farewell to Chris' beloved Nona. A very tough time for everyone. Its never easy to say goodbye.
  • We attended a few weddings this year, but specifically of note was my little sister Jessica's wedding to Brock in Canmore. It was absolutely gorgeous and it was wonderful to see Jay and Brock so very happy.
  • In response to the economy, Chris had to take a salary rollback and just before Christmas it was announced that his company is going to be rolled in with a larger company, effective today. These are supposed to be good changes, so we'll see what it brings.
  • If you are a regular reader, you know about our mold issues in the ensuite bathroom. I won't say more now except that this weekend it should be grouted! Yay!
  • I volunteered myself to be on the Steering Team for my MOPS group, which I have really enjoyed doing. It is nice to be behind the scenes on something that I enjoy so much and need as a mom.
  • I also volunteered myself to be on the Crossfield Library Board. This is a completely new type of venture for me, but one that I am enjoying. I have come to really love our little town and I like being involved in one of the services it provides. That and the fact that I am a book lover and collector!
  • In the Spring I joined a bootcamp class and found myself loving it. I even started running FOR FUN! I really didn't think people did that, but I found it to be quite relaxing. I'm too much of a wimp to run outdoors in our winters though, so that halted when the snow flew. I participated in bootcamp throughout the summer but had to take a break from it in the fall when I had surgery. I am set to return to class twice a week for 11 weeks starting on Tuesday. I can't wait! There's just something about the aches and pains of working out that feels so good!
  • I am tutoring one little guy once a week and am enjoying the one on one interaction that this provides.
  • I joined a stamping club that meets once a month as well as a calendar club that met once every 2 months. I took my first real venture into scrapbooking and loved it. I now have a lovely calendar to display throughout 2010 while I work on one for 2011!

Well, those are the main points that come to mind. Happy New Year everyone! May your 2010 be filled with joy, laughter, an abundance of love, health and good fortune!


The Tompkins Family said...

Much love, health and happiness to you all in 2010! XOXO

CanadianMama said...

Great re-cap! Hopefully 2010 brings you just as much love but no surgeries and no diapers :)

Karyn said...

Nice summary! I pray that 2010 brings many blessings and joy...and especially, pooping on the toilet! :)