Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Its been a long week. Emotionally and in terms of laundry. Luca and I are still battling the poop war. More to come on this saga soon - it definitely warrants its own post.
  • I subbed in Kindergarden twice this week in the same class. Its a class I really enjoy, I have been there ofetn enough now that I know all the kids by name and the classroom routines. It kinda, almost, sorta, maybe a teensy weensy little bit made me get a small urge to one day return to teaching full time. But only a little bit. We'll see what the future holds.
  • Levi has been biting. Luca never had this problem so I am new to the biting game. Suggestions anyone?
  • Last weekend Loki caught her rear flank on somethign (we have NO IDEA what) and tore a gash in her side. After being grossed out whenever I looked at her, it is finally starting to scab over and heal. Now I can snuggle by dear dog again without feeling nauseous. Before you think that we did nothing about this gash but let it be, let me just say that we did treat it, but she continued licking it (even with a cone on- she was very determined and found away around it) so it took a little while to dry out enough to scab.
  • I really, really, really hope that this will be the last post that I say that the bathroom is almost done. Scheduled for this weekend is the installation of the shower door and glass wall as well as the bathroom door. That's IT!
  • Chris is heading North next week for a few days and I am scheduled to work all week at the high school in town. Plus bootcamp Tuesday and Thursday and stamping club on Wednesday. Its going to be busy! So if I don't post next week, you'll know why!
  • For the first time in a long time, my house is very clean. I was so frustrated with the Luca/ Poop / disobedience saga yesterday that I put all that aggressive energy into scrubbing toilets and tubs. So, after a few hours and 4 toilets and 2 tubs, I felt a little better. And the house looked a little better too!
  • Bootcamp kicked my butt, quite literally, yesterday. My shoulders and glutes are so sore today. I almost had to teach kindergarden with bed head because my arms DID NOT want to reach up to the top of my head. But, for fear of scaring the 5 year olds, I managed to pull my hair back into a ponytail.
  • This weekend I have a surprise in store for Chris. Well, the beginnings of a Valentine's surprise, anyway. Stay tuned for details! Also a ladies night out with a few friends Sarturday night and hopefully my parents are coming on Sunday. My dad is on his week off from work and we haven't seen him in a while. Its snowing a bit here now so hopefully the roads are ok by then.

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Jules said...

Hmmm not too much help on the biting - only time the girls do it (rarely) is if they are way hungry.

Aw poor Loki - I hate when our animals got injured or sick.

Danifred said...

We had a short stint of biting, but it subsided after a few stern no's. I take no credit for it whatsoever.
I often think of trying to figure out a way to stay home with our girls by doing some subbing. I just don't know if we could make it work. Ugh!
Thanks for playing with me! :)

Writer Mom said...

My kids both went through a brief biting phase and I was terrified they would bite other kids, so when they bit me, I bit them right back on their finger and it was the end of the biting. Not enough to break the skin, just enough to show them it hurts and they shouldn't do it to anyone else.