Saturday, November 21, 2009

A hot date!

I had a hot date today with my biggest little man. What a nice day it was!

I rarely get to spend time with just one of my boys.

Luca had swimming lessons this morning so I took him there. He did really well and is starting to let me get a bit farther away from him and he even let the instructor take him for a swim today. Progress! He loves to swim and loves going to the pool but likes us to be close by.

We then went for a Mommy-son lunch at Boston Pizza where we dined on bugs and cheese (him) and spicy perogy pizza (me). We had a nice lunch, just the two of us.

Then we were off to the city to do a bit of shopping at Costco and Toys R Us. Costco was pretty uneventful; just groceries and a few household items. We headed to Toys R Us so that Luca could pick out a present for Levi from him. This concept seemed to be a bit lost on Luca as he wanted everything that we looked at and wanted it for him, right now. We finally settled on a gift for Levi (with some prompting from me) that I assured Luca could be shared with him when they play NICELY together.

On our way home we stopped and got milkshakes. Luca took one sip and declared that he wasn't tired (through a big yawn) and promptly fell asleep. It was a pretty quiet ride home except for the soft snores coming from the backseat.

We had a great day and I love to spend special time with my boys one on one!

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