Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catch 22

Not really any progress on the bathroom to report today as Chris was home alone with the boys. I got called into work (which is a good thing, financially!) so unfortunately Chris couldn't get anything done on the bathroom.

We need the money to do the bathroom but Chris can't do the bathroom when I am at work. Here are a few pictures of the bathroom after all the moldy subfloor was taken out:

But, one of the main reasons that he took this week off specifically was that Dee is away this week so we thought that if Chris was home then I wouldn't have to turn down any work due to lack of childcare. So, the good news is that I worked 2 full days this week and don't have to pay for childcare so that means that there is more going toward the bathroom repairs. Plus, I have a day and a half booked for next week already as well.

On another note, most of my Christmas prep is done! I have 3 gifts that I am still working on (they are ones that I am making) and have to pick up a few things that have been ordered or I have something in mind that I have to go get. Yay! Now I get to wrap them all, which is one of my favorite things to do!

Chris and the boys went and got haircuts yesterday. Luca loves to get colored gel when we go into the Chop Shop. This time Levi noticed and wanted some too. Here are pictures of our little monkeys with their red spikeys!