Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hard to be positive

I know that there are so many others out there that are going thorough unimaginably worse things than a forced bathroom reno, but I am just having a really tough time not being super crabby and negative.

A few days ago things were great- almost all of our Christmas shopping is completed (except for a few of the gifts I am making), and I was starting to feel ok about our amount in the bank. I have worked a decent amount already this month and Chris has 3 paycheques in December. I was feeling pretty good about being on top of things.

Christmas is always a tough time financially, even if you try to be frugal (NOT cheap) and make many gifts (like I am this year). There are always hidden expenses and some not so hidden expenses that make a dent in the savings.

I've been stressed about money for a while (really, who isn't?). In the summer Chris had to take a salary rollback due to the economy and its effect on the company. We haven't really seen much effect yet because Chris' CPP contributions max out in June, but come January he will have to be contributing to CPP again. That is when we will notice the decrease in pay quite a bit.

And because the school board WAY over hired for substitute teachers as part of their H1N1 pandemic plan, I am lucky to get a day or 2 a week. Which isn't awful, I am still making some money AND get to be home with the boys most of the time, but financially its not so great.

So, now that it looks like we have to dip into our money pot again to do the bathroom, I am stressed all over again.

Also today a light burnt out and sparked. Not a big deal, I know, but it was just one more thing. Plus, it startled me. Then when I was cooking supper I couldn't get the oven to turn off. We have a digital oven with a touch-pad of sorts for the controls. And it wouldn't work. I called Chris to come take a look and he touched it and it turned off.

This was enough to put me into tears. All the tension and stress of the day had just built up and I needed the release of tears. I can't say I feel much better, but I know that there isn't much we can do.

The mold HAS to go. And we can't leave the bathroom as it is. So, we have to cough over the money to have it done. Sigh.

We might be eating Kraft Dinner for Christmas this year.

Ok, just kidding, we aren't even going to be having dinner here so I can save the KD for another day!

But, the Christmas gifts for Chris and I this year might be a new shower. Yay! Just what I asked Santa for!

Oh well, it could be worse. I know that. I'm just having a tough time remembering it.


The Tompkins Family said...

What a stinkin', awful day. I feel for you guys, I really do.

CanadianMama said...

Aww, I'm sorry Janice. Money is so stressful - big hugs!!

CanadianMama said...

ps. I just checked - you don't have word verification!!