Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bathroom Update

I didn't get to posting pictures yesterday so I will start with those:

The boys think that a great big hole in the wall is a fantastic new playplace!

Here I am scrubbing the shower pan. Pretty much my only contribution to the reno...except for helping to choose tile and paint!

Loki is not sure what to make of all the upheaval!

Luca trying to help put some random screws into the wall.

When a screw driver doesn't work, just hammer it in!

Today's pics:

The floor after the mold being sprayed with bleach. The bleach did a good job, I'd say!

The shower pan went in and the backer board went up.

Backer board is up and mortared (not sure if that is a word or not, but I'm declaring it one!)

Chris will get the drywall up, mudded and taped as well as the sub floor in this week so we can be ready for tile next weekend.


Karyn said...

Great photos!

Glad to see you smiling as you work.

kathryn Muyaba said...

is this in your basement?

Is't it finished already?