Friday, November 20, 2009

Bathroom progress

A bit of progress today. This morning Chris had to return a few things that he had bought in anticipation of needing it, but discovered that we didn't need to do a few repairs that we thought we did. He took down the last of the tile and pulled out the rest of the floor.

Next is to finish cleaning all the silicone residue off the shower pan and edge of the tub, finish the poly on the walls, put up the cement backer board and the subfloor. Then we will be ready to tile. I think.

We've got Chris' parents coming next weekend to help with the tiling so I guess I've got another week or so of being without a bedroom. Oh well. I'm actually not sleeping as poorly as I thought I would downstairs.

The poly up on the exterior walls

Floor out and my recently installed wallpaper down. :(

Boy, do Iwish I had a toilet beside my bed in those last months of pregnancy!

This used to be our bedroom. Now it is a garbage pile.

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