Sunday, January 29, 2012

So far behind....

I am not doing so well with my goal to post regularly.

This past week has been pretty busy- I subbed 2 days this week, had MOPS, errands to run and had 2 wisdom teeth pulled.

The wisdom teeth extractions went well, they just "popped" out (the dentist's words- didn't feel like it to me!). I was feeling pretty good until late yesterday afternoon and last night when my left side began to swell, have lots of pain and just felt awful. This morning I woke up to a fever and nausea. I figured it was probably infected (mouths are cesspools for bacteria, so no surprise there), so I headed in to the Urgent Care centre. Usually we go to Didsbury but I (wrongly) thought that since I was arriving at opening time, I would get seen quickly and then could get my prescription and go home, rather than drive the 20 minutes to Didsbury, then drive past my house to Airdrie to get my prescription and then home again. After 3 hours of waiting, with no one getting called back, I decided to leave and go to Didsbury anyway. I told the nurse I was leaving and she strongly advised me to stay because she was worried that the infection would spread since I was basically swallowing it constantly. She secretly bumped me to the front of the line and I was in the back an on my way to the pharmacy 20 minutes later.

I've had 2 doses of antibiotics and am beginning to feel better. I'll pop in to the dentist tomorrow just to have her check and make sure it looks alright.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and am embracing a dramatic change. Its something I've been throwing around for a while now, and I've decided to do it. Its just hair, right? It'll grow back..... Stay tuned.....

A few weeks ago school was cancelled due to -40 temsp (with windchill) and we stayed home in our jammies and had a fun day.

True to one of my goals, I set out painting activities for the boys, despite the mess I knew it would  make. We experimented with different tools to paint with and they had a blast. It was a great way to spend an hour of our long and cold day!

The boys are also into Angry Birds (they are way better at it than I am!). I had found these coloring sheets online and printed them off. They intently colored for a while too.

Levi is getting to be a very careful colorer!

(Blogger won't let me change the orientation for some reason. Sorry!)

I kept busy doing some baking- blueberry muffins and brownies.

This weekend Chris has been busy building me a pantry. Pictures to follow when it is complete!

Have a good week!


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Karyn said...

I have pantry envy and I haven't even seen it yet.

Joy said...

Your muffins look perfect! I don't know why but I suck at making blueberry muffins, it makes me so sad :(