Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quiet Time Bins

Well, its the 11th day of January and already I've failed one of my goals- to post at least once a week. Oops.

The boys have both been sick in the past week or so- with high fevers and coughs.  Both boys had fevers that lasted 48-72 hours and yucky, chesty coughs. The fevers are gone thankfully but the cough remains.  Other than that, they are both still active and being boys!

In my pinterest browsing, I came across a bunch of ideas for "quiet time bins" before Christmas and put it in the back of my mind as something to do. I had been putting a few things away since I saw the idea to create a few bins. Then I grabbed a few small Christmas gifts that they hadn't yet had a chance to play with (sticker books, puzzles) and put them aside as well.

Everywhere is having organization sales, so I was able to find some small Rubbermaid bins on sale.  Once I had those, I could begin putting bins together in the hopes that they would keep the boys occupied for an hour each afternoon during quiet time so I didn't have to answer the same question every 5 minutes- "Mom, is quiet time over?". Having to stop what I am doing every 5 minutes to answer the same question makes "quiet time" kind of pointless.

So, I put the bins together and I let the boys each choose a bin to take to their room's each afternoon. So far, they have been a great hit! My plan is to vary the activities every few weeks to keep them from getting bored.

Some of the activities included are:

  • puzzles
  • sticker books
  • pipe cleaners
  • wooden beads (to sort or string on shoelaces or pipecleaners)
  • books
  • Pre-K math games
  • Bendaroos (waxy sticks that can be shaped into different letters or objects and reused)
  • Matching Game
  • A Ziplock baggie of buttons to sort and little cups to sort them into
  • Pom Poms, clothes pins and tongs with a bucket with various holes on top to put the pom poms into

I should have taken more photos of the actual activities.

So far, the boys are loving them and it is giving me an hour in the afternoons to return emails, do the dishes or just relax and read!

I've got many more ideas on my Quiet Time pinboard on pinterest that I want to add/ substitute in the bins. I'll try to post more ideas as I get them together.

Do you have any quiet, independent activity suggestions?



CanadianMama said...

Quiet time bins have been a huge hit here lately too! I got Lawson a mini etch-a-sketch that he loves and also some homemade things. I wish I could sew though because there would be so much more I would make!

Karyn said...

what a great idea!

That fever/cough is going through the Muyabas right now. Nasty. Glad you're through with it.