Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life, Unorganized

I came across this calendar on (where else?) pinterest and had a look after a friend mentioned it to me. It seems so easy and reasonable to do. Afterall, its just 1 task a day to get my home organized.

I decided when I saw it that I would do each daily task and by the end of 2012, I would be a very organized person.

Normally, I am very organized, but when it comes to things like cupboards, closets, drawers, storage rooms, etc, I let those things get so out of control. Then it is too far gone that I'm overwhelmed.

This seemed like a gret way to tackle this problem..... so why haven't I started yet?? (its rhetorical, I don't need or have an answer).

I guess I'm going to have some catch up to do..... starting soon. Ish....

If you've heard of FlyLady, this is similar. I think the major difference is that FlyLady also teaches you to add certain routines to your day to keep your life organized such as shining your sink every night and little things like that.

How do you keep your house organized? Do you have junk drawers and overflowing closets hiding stuff that you don't know what to do with like I do?


Cortney said...

Flylady has changed my life. I am not an organized individual by nature though. We will see if I can keep it up when I go back to the working world though.

Junk drawers... now if I could find a solution for all the little odds and ends...sigh

Karyn said...

Do you remember my job box? FlyLady is based on the book that teaches the job box method. Either one works great - if you use it.

I saw this calendar on another blog. If you don't follow FlyLady, it looks GREAT - tackling the clutter one bite at a time.

Good luck.