Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Chris got me a tablet for Christmas. I chose the Acer IconiaTab A500 and I love it. It is so convenient and also a great big time waster. Its one of the few tablets that had a full size USB port, which is something I wanted for my doula business so I can share files easily with clients if I need to. I've watched videos on it and have been impressed with the quality. I've played games on it (I now know what the fuss about Angry Birds was!), I've used it in the kitchen to try new recipes and almost best of all- I can browse pinterest all from the comfort of my bed! ;) 

  • Without either of us knowing what we were getting for Christmas, we got each other the same thing. Chris has been wanting an iPad for ages so I knew I wanted to get him one. This is normally waaaaayyyy out of our budget, so I mentioned to family that if they wanted to contribute in the form of a gift card, I would be giving him the balance remaining so he could get himself the iPad he's been wanting. Normally, we don't spend much on each other for Christmas but this year, we splurged. Its not very often that we spend large amounts of money on ourselves, so it was a really nice and appreciated treat.

  • My job is so exciting. I love to be a part of welcoming new babies to the world. Sometimes the stories are so good and the circustances around the baby's entrance are so exciting. I had one of those births this week. Amidst a snowstorm that had the roads at a near standstill, a first time mama went from mild back pain to feeling the urge to push in less than 2 hours. Thankfully, an ambulance was not too far away and was able to transport her to the hospital in time to have the baby. I was sure that the baby would be born before I arrived at the hospital, but I got there, flustered from trying to get through traffic in rush hour and a snowstorm, in time to be there for the baby's grand entrance. A whirlwind few hours, for sure!

  • My thankfulness journal that I started on January 1st is going really well. I've already had to stop and make myself find the silver lining in some trying days. Its only been 2 weeks and I already feel my outlook on things being more positive. I didn't think of myself as a negative person before, but I am definitely stopping to think of the positive more. For example, earlier this week, Levi was really sick and fevered and whiny. All he wanted to do was to sit on my lap. At first, I was annoyed because I had things I wanted to get done and he was hot and uncomfortable making me hot and uncomfortable. But then, I stopped and looked for the positive. And that was that my little boy, who soon won't be so little, just wanted to sit and cuddle with his mommy. Who cares that the laundry and dishes didn't get done? Emails didn't get returned until later that day? I took a deep breath, didn't worry about my to-do list and just enjoyed snuggles with my littlest big boy.


The Tompkins Family said...

I love that the thankfulness journal is already working! I should start one!

Danifred said...

I love the idea of a thankful journal! I think we all need to remember just how much we do have.