Thursday, February 02, 2012


Luca's class started skating this week and he was beyond excited to go, which meant that Levi was so excited to go and then devestated when he found out he couldn't skate with Luca and the kindergarten class (liability issues).

So I promised them that I would take them to public skating on Wednesday afternoon. I was a bit nervous since Luca had been on skates a grand total of twice before that and Levi had never skated. Being the afternoon, Chris was at work, so it was up to me to try to take two very beginner skaters on the ice. Thankfully they had the trainer bars out (after I had supported them a bit, the rink manager finally saw us and remembered to bring them out, that is).

It went way better than I could have predicted and we had so much fun! I think we're going to try to make it a regular thing. Once the schools are done doing their scheduled ice time, there is a Mom and Tots skate time from 10-12 am so I might try to take Levi then as well. Some fun one on one time for him and I.

Here the boys are ready to hit the ice. They are anxiously waiting for me to finish tying my skates.

Levi was so proud of himself!

Here's a few clips of them skating. I sound like a tool and I realize that when I say "watch out for your brother", there is someone skating by that is clearly not my child. I didn't mean him. LOL

I've been going with Luca's class to the rink and volunteering during skating. His class goes two more times next week and I plan to go then as well. Its fun to watch him learn how to do it and to see the other kids improve as well.

Here are Luca and Adelynn skating wtih their class on Wednesday.


CanadianMama said...

You didn't sound like a tool at all and I thought the boys did awesome!

Karyn said...

Good job, Luca and Levi! Love how Luca just leaves the training bars behind and 'skates' forward.