Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • What a busy week! I worked 2 full days and 2 half days this week, so today is my first day at home. Sure makes the week fly by when its busy like that!

  • My boys LOVE Playmobil. They got some about a year and  a half ago and have been building their collection since. They got a bunch for Christmas this past year and have played with it at least once a day since. This morning they were up early to play and have been at it all morning. Its so nice when they play together nicely and use their imaginations! Last I checked, they were staging a battle between knights and pirates!

  • I'm quite surprised that my last post, which was a bit controversial for me, didn't get more comments. I got 3 comments on here and only 2 on facebook. I anticipated more from that post. I have noticed a lot more traffic from all sorts of places though....

  • There is no school next week for kids here, so the boys and I are packing up and heading South to Lethbridge for a few days to spend time with my wonderful friend Tasha. We can't wait to see each other, eat junk, drink wine and visit!  The boys are very excited to go see her girls as well.

  • The weather has been so amazing here. Last weekend when we were in Canmore, we saw pussy willows starting to bud! How crazy is that for the middle of February?!


The Tompkins Family said...

I'm quite surprised you didn't get more comments on that post too. I kept checking back.

So excited to see you guys!!

Karyn said... of the best toys ever. So much imagination required.

I recently got out Mike and Andrew's playmobile sets for the girls to play with. Cowboys and Indians took over my hallway for a couple hours. :)