Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on The Graham Family

Well, Levi is a pro at getting around now which means that we have a gate up at the top of the stairs and another blocking the back of the house and the formal living room. Barricades everywhere! Levi was only crawling for a few days when he discovered that he could pull himself up on things. At this point he is only up onto his knees, but he has gotten a foot under hiself a few times so I don't think it will be long before he's on his feet.

It is much to Luca's dismay that Levi is so mobile. Levi loves his big brother so much and wants to follow him everywhere and do what he does. This includes playing with the toy(s) that Luca is playing with. Often throughout the day I hear "Levi! Don't!" or "Levi, that's mine! LEAVE ME ALONE!". It's actually pretty funny, but so frustrating for Luca. Gone are the days that he could just move to another spot. Now he moves and Levi thinks it is a game to chase him!

We have had some fantastic weather, which has meant walks and even a trip to the zoo. The day that we went to the zoo it was 14 degrees in Calgary- fabulous! And there was hardly anyone there, except for a school group. We love to go on a weekday morning, when the animals are active, having just been fed and when there are significantly fewer visitors to the zoo, giving us a better and longer look at the animals. As always, the hippos are the biggest (no pun intended!) attraction for Luca. I don't know what it is about them, but Luca looks forward to seeing the hippos every time.

We ventured into the Canadian Wilds section this time, which we normally run out of time for and Luca was thrilled to be able to feed the ducks. He thought it was so funny that they were slipping and sliding on the ice! We're looking forward to Spring so that we can spend probably a morning a week at the zoo. A zoo pass has most definitely been the best entertainment money that we have spent this year!

I am making an effort to eat better and to be more active in hopes that I can shed these last few pounds that have been clinging to my body since I was pregnant with Luca. And if you know me, you know that I LOVE sweets, especially candy. So, this is a challenge for me, but I am really making an effort. Dee and I have been walking our dogs at least once a week for a nice evening walk after our kids are in bed. We seem to be able to make it out for about an hour. The weather has been crisp but nice. I am also trying to be more motivated to excercise at home, either with my elliptical trainer or the Wii fit or my dancing videos. (Don't laugh- I love them! Its the only time I can dance and not care that I look like a fool!)

There. Now I've said it publicly. Now I really do have to stick to this goal now that everyone knows about it. Hopefully before Jessica and Brock's wedding this fall I can feel truly comfortable in my bridesmaid dress!

Chris has been busy at work, with 2 trips to Houston in less than 2 months. He is also beginning to really need to take his week per month and head out to rigs to do his Quality control job. So, he will be gone next week. :(

I have been keeping busy with playgroup on Monday mornings, Storytime on Wednesday mornings, playdates and MOPS every second Thursday. Our mornings are ususally quite busy, but then it also usually makes for a nice, quiet afternoon while the boys get a good nap in. In the afternoons I try to take some time to myself to sew, make cards, or just watch tv. I also use that time to tidy up, vacuum and get some laundry in as well. Then before I know it the boys are up and it is time to get supper on the go. Chris usually makes it home by 6 and we have supper, a bit of playtime then the boys are getting ready for bed. Usually by 8pm our house is quiet and Chris and I can spend some time together.

Oh yes, I almost forgot Loki.....she is becoming such a good dog. Really obedient and so very gentle with the boys. Levi is fascinated with her, especially her mouth and face. But, Loki just takes him poking and pulling at her. I think she actually likes the attention! She is also a good excuse for me to get out and walk. She is a big girl and still growing and I feel bad if she doesn't get some exercise, and she really likes to get out.

Well, that's about it. We are just keeping busy, waiting for Spring to arrive so we can be out doing different things like playing at the park and splashing in puddles! :)


Karyn said...

Thanks for the update, Jan!

Sounds like Levi is a going concern all of a sudden. I bet he is much happier, now that he is mobile.

Jay said...

What is Luca looking at in the last picture? I love his scrunched up nose!
What days will Chris be gone? Maybe if I have a vehicle by then (knock on wood) Donny and I will come up for a visit, or you and the boys can come down (We have a guest rooom with ensuite, so you wouldn't have to sleep on the floor)
Love you

The Tompkins Family said...

That's so funny about Levi following Luca around!!

I might not be much help now losing those last few pounds but I will definitely be a workout buddy once the baby is born. I want those pounds gone as soon as possible!!


Jay said...

Hey, that snail is soooo big...wow!
I just read that they have or are getting koala bears?? So cute!! Are they there yet?

The Grahams said...

The koala exhibit opens today!!! Can't wait to go and see them! :)

Vinjelu and Kathryn Muyaba said...

hey levi has lots of hair again! WOW, what a big boy!