Saturday, February 14, 2009

This week's blessings

I am borrowing this idea from my Auntie Karyn's blog... I love to read her weekly blessings, and thought maybe I should do the same. Besides, remembering the good things that happen to you make you a happier person I think than if you were to dwell on the negative.

So, here it is. My blessings for the past week:

1. My mom came to babysit so that Chris and I could have an evening out for Valentine's. It was nice to have the date night, but also very nice for my mom and the boys to spend time together. Unfortunately, her work schedule doesn't allow for many visits, especially for her to come here. So, not only were Chris and I blessed with time together without kids, I know that Luca and Levi enjoyed having their grandma come and spend the night.

2. I have the world's greatest husband. I don't really need to elaborate beacause he is always wonderful, but I will. For Valentine's Day, he decided that I needed a new diamond necklace! And yes, new, meaning that I already have a diamond necklace from him. What a sweetie. So thoughtful.

3. Another reason that I have a fantastic husband: we woke up this morning to 11 degrees in our house. Overnight our furnace had stopped working. Brrrrrrr! I am so thankful that I have a competent husband that was able to get it fixed!

4. I am so blessed to have a best girlfriend like Dee. Today we were able to go for pedicures (my birthday present to her), lunch and some shopping. Without children. It was lovely. No day is wasted when it is shared with Dee. I love her to bits and couldn't ask for a better friend.

5. Not only do I have a wonderful friend in Dee and Chris has one in Layne, but our children really and truly love eachother. Adelynn had been away all week with her grandparents but we babysat her and Jack this evening while their parents celebrated Valentine's Day. Luca and Adelynn were playing potato heads when I heard Adelynn say to Luca: "Luca, I missed you". Then at bedtime, after sharing a hug and a kiss, they told eachother that they loved the other. It was just so sweet. They really do ask about the other when they haven't seen eachother for a few days and little moments like that make me realize just how lucky we are to have a family that we are all close to. They are not only our friends, but our family as well.

Well, those are my blessings for the last week. I am going to try to make this a weekly entry, so please check back often. And comments are always welcome so I know who has been reading! :)


Poltzie said...

I've been reading! I just saw this on your facebook info and being a blogger myself, I thought I would check it out. It's neat to check in with Lawson's birthday buddy!!

Karyn said...

I'm honored that you are using this idea, Jan.

What wonderful things you have to be thankful for! Actually, none of your list was 'things'....all people.

I agree that taking time to notice the blessings in your life make you happier....and knowing that you are going to make a post once a week about blessings makes you really notice - so you will have something to write about!

Looking forward to next week's list!