Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random things about being a MOM

If you are on Facebook, you will probably have seen this note going around. I thought that I would change it up a bit and rather than it being 25 random things about me, I thought I would make it about being a mom. So, here are my 25 random thoughts on "Mommydom":

1. Not so surprising, but I know without a doubt that I would do anything for my children.

2. I don't always feed my kids nutritious meals. Sometimes I let Luca pick his lunch which isn't usually a very good choice....cookies and dry cereal anyone?

3. I love nap time. I need some quiet time to myself.

4. Even though my pregnancies weren't great, I loved knowing that there was a person growing inside me and loved feeling the movement. I missed my big belly.

5. I actually think that labour wasn't that bad. (Don't hate me- I had short, uncomplicated labours. They were pretty good relative to the months of sickness I endured)

6. I was afraid when I was pregnant with Levi that I wouldn't love him as much as I love Luca. Don't worry- I do love him just as much!

7. I check on my boys at least once per night to make sure that they are breathing. I actually need to feel their breath or see them move or else I can't sleep.

8. I am terrified of my boys becoming teenagers. I worry about them and the things that they will inevitably try with their friends and the trouble that they will undoubtedly get into.

9. I don't want my boys to ever get their driver's licences.

10. Ok, can you tell that I don't want my children to grow up!?!?!?!

11. I get teary thinking that Luca is only a few years away from going to school. Technically, he could go next fall to preschool, but I think I may wait til he's 4.

12. I can't remember what it was like to have only 1 child.

13. I would choose to be the one sick if it would spare my kids. Puking and coughing kids make my heart hurt. I'd rather be the one to be miserable.

14. I wish I could save every piece of artwork that Luca makes, but its just not feasable. I get sad everytime I have to throw away a scribbled on piece of paper. He is so proud of his crafts, and I never let him see them in the garbage because I worry that it will make him as sad as it makes me.

15. There are days that I wish I could hide from my kids just to get a few minutes to myself.

16. If anyone told me that when I had kids I wouldn't even be able to go to the bathroom alone, I wouldn't have believed it. How hard is it to close a door, right? HA! Its easier to have a party in the bathroom than to listen to the crying on the other side of the door.

17. I had no idea I would be so excited for someone to pee and poop on a potty!

18. I wish stretch marks went away when the baby came out....

19. I had no idea I would miss sleeping in so much! Now 8:00 am is sleeping in on a good day.

20. Being a mom has made me a baker. One of my favorite things to do now is to bake cookies or muffins.

21. Somedays I want to just stay in bed and read all day like I used to.

22. I enjoy shopping for my boys more than I like to shop for myself...quite a change from a few years ago. Haha

23. Having kids lets me do things that I secretly enjoy doing, but that adults just don't playing playdough!

24. My kids are my source of a social network now....without them I couldn't go to playgroup or storytime or MOPS, and that is where I get to chat with other moms.

25. As much as I miss some things from my pre-baby days, I wouldn't trade all the ups and downs of motherhood for ANYTHING.


Jay said...

Awww, I got teary at the comment about throwing out Luca's pictures...haha. He IS so proud of all of his artwork - remember the dolphin on your wall?
I love your boys so so so much, they are the sweetest cutest nephews!!!

T and J Heuver said...

I can't agree with you more, on most of the things--except I am no baker!!!! Being a mom is wonderful!!!

Vinjelu and Kathryn Muyaba said...

this is great to read, it's always encouraging and heart warming hearing the heart of a mommy! I cant wait to have two babies!

Karyn said...

Aww, Jani, you're such a good mommy!

I LOVE number 15!! I always said "If I want to know where my kids are, I just go into the bathroom and close the door - they'll be there in seconds" Or, talking on the phone would work, too. LOL