Sunday, June 24, 2012

Star Wars Birthday!

Luca celebrated his birthday early this month because he wanted all his school friends to come. Since his birthday is a week after the end of school, we decided it might be easiest to do it early.

Being a social little boy, he wanted most of the kids in his class at his party, so we just went ahead and invited all 19 of his classmates, 16 of whom attended. With Levi and the siblings of friends, I think we had 22 kids in total.

Being June in Alberta, it has rained most days. As the birthday party date approached, I was getting more and more nervous about having up to 20 kids running around inside my house. To make matters just a bit more stressful, being that Luca wanted a Star Wars party, each kid was going to be wielding a Light Saber.

I must have done a realyl good deed because the day of the party brought sunshine! The party was scheduled from 1-3 pm and at about 3:15pm it started to rain. Wow!

For the party, I had a Light Saber making station. Chris got some pipe insulation from Home Depot which came in 6ft lengths. I cut each one in half and used Duct Tape and black electrical tape to make "handles". I then set out a variety of different colored electrical tape for the kids to create their own unique light saber.

They had a blast having battles out in the field behind our house!

We also decorated name badges which I quickly laminated, punched a hole in and put onto string.

All the kids had a blast and there were only minor light saber battle injuries to report!

Luca also had a special day to celebrate his birthday at school. He got a special birthday crown and sticker, a gift bag from his teacher and he was excited to be able to bring cupcakes to share with his classmates.


Karyn said...

Looks like a birthday to remember!

Jay said...

Awesome party