Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Somehow, June has been my busiest month for subbing this school year. Students are done on Wednesday and I am still subbing Monday and Tuesday next week! Usually mid-June is when I can assume I will be done work.

  • Luca's last day of kindergarten was yesterday. A full post with pictures coming soon.

  • I often work out at the Hutterite colony that is nearby. Last week I had promised some of the students that I would make and bring brownies if they did well on the math test that I was preparing them for. (Side note: Personally, I think Hutterite cooking is amazing so I find it quite funny that the kids love my Betty Crocker brownies so much! Haha ). True to my word, I did bring them their treat last Friday afternoon. I took the boys out with me and they absolutely loved the kids and loved playing there after school was out. One of the boys took us on a tour so my boys could see calves, ducks and puppies. The boys had such a fantastic time it tooki me half an hour to get them to finally leave. The only thing that finally worked was to tell them that we were going to come back on the last day of school to celebrate with them at a BBQ. Since that day, the boys have asked every day how many more sleeps until the "colony BBQ".
 Luca loved this calf that kept licking him

 Luca learning about how they milk the cows

 Checking out the ducklings

  • Luca celebrated his birthday early in the month because he wanted his friends to be able to come and he wanted to have a special day at school. Another post to follow on this crazy birthday party!

  • Luca's class was doing inline skating this past week and he absolutely loved it! If we weren't already getting him a 2 wheeler for his birthday, he'd be getting roller blades!

  • Last week I volunteered at Luca's school for Sports Day. Levi got to come along and was so excited to be able to pack a snack in his lunch kit and eat snack with Luca and the other kids in Luca's class.

  • After 5 years in this house and enjoying our lovely view, construction started in the field to the North of us this week. Its been quite loud- with equipment starting up at 7 AM on the dot and going until 6 PM. I'm already noticing an increase in the dirt that is coming in our windows (if I forget to close them) and that is migrating to the edge of our yard. At some point in the near future, the powerlines that are along our property lines will be buried, so we are anticipating some loss of grass, shrubs and trees. :( 

This was our view (taken the day we moved in, 5 years ago)

Levi watching the equipment work from our kitchen window yesterday

The current view from our window.

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