Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kindergarten Graduate

Thursday was Luca's last day of kindergarten. I'm amazed at how quickly the year has flown by and how much he has grown- both physically and emotionally.  Next year my boy is going to be in Grade 1.

He used to say that he wasn't excited to go to Grade 1 because they don't do centers, but on the last day of school, they watched a little video that the current Grade 1s made and one boy said that they get to play LEGO in Grade 1, so now he's excited. He's also excited to get 2 recesses!

Luca and his fantastic teacher, Mrs. Chicilo

Luca came up with what to write and did it all on his own.
 He even drew a picture of himself and Mrs. Chicilo!

Along with a Tim's card, we made this little card to go in the potted flowers that he chose for her.

Luca's report card was great. The only negative thing was that this term he discovered his "whisper voice" as his teacher put it and was quite chatty at carpet time and had to be reminded to listen. I can't for the life of me figure out where he gets that from.... ;)

He's an excellent reader and his math skills are great. He loves to figure things out and he is getting to be quite a little artist.

A friend said it best when she commented on my facebook post. She said 

" Every year is something new, and I always have to remind myself not to be sad that they are growing, but to be extremely proud of who they are growing to be!!!!"

Those were wonderful words to read and a great reminder. (Thanks Jackie!)

I am so proud of the boy he is and the growth that he has demonstrated. While a little bit of me is sad, I am excited for the changes and new stages that are coming!

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Karyn said...

hard to believe your little man is going into grade 1!
New milestones to treasure and record! It just keeps getting better.