Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just read a post on another blog that has touched me so deeply that I had to share not only here but on Facebook and via email to everyone I know.

This is seriously one of the most amazing, well written, awe inspiring, tear jerking stories I have ever read. I have no idea who this family is - it was a link passed on to me by a friend and I am passing it on as well.

Sometimes I feel guilty about getting to read such intimate parts of the lives of strangers through the blogosphere, but I honestly believe that this is a story just begging to be shared.

Be prepared. You will cry. You will be moved. You will be cheering this family on as they embark on this journey.

Get ready for your life to be jolted a little bit.


Go here to read about the beautiful and perfect Nella that is going to do big things.


The Tompkins Family said...

I'm hooked. I want to know how their journey goes. I will be checking in with them frequently. What a strong, strong woman.

Jenn said...

I started reading her blog a couple of weeks ago. I only WISH I could have as beautiful an outlook on life as she has!! It is definitly a VERY inspiring blog!!

Jay said...

Gut Wrenching. I am so inspired by her bravery to share her feelings and her anger. But I am so happy to know that it passed quickly, and she understood the blessings that lay ahead of her.