Thursday, February 11, 2010

Killer in our midst

This morning at MOPS we had a speaker about Heart Health, being that it is February and is Heart Health Awareness month. Besides striking us all with fear, she really drove home the point that we need to take charge of our health and be advocates for our health care, prevention and treatment.

The woman that spoke suffered heart failure at the age of 38, while she was in the delivery room with her first child. She was lucky to be in the hospital and monitored and was able to be helped. She ended up having a quadruple bypass surgery, with 90% blockages in her main arteries.

She had no idea.

She had felt some symptoms but always brushed them off as something else, as we often do. Little did she know that she was harbouring a killer within her body.

1 in 4 women will develop heart disease.

More women will be diagnosed with heart disease than breast cancer.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Most don't know they have it until the day they die.

Heart disease is hereditary, passed on from the mother's side. This sent chills up my spine, as both of my maternal grandparents suffered from and ultimately passed away from heart disease.

Her story is really incredible, you can go to her foundation's website, The Kelly Heart Foundation to read more or to find out where you can help.

Here is another touching website of an infant that passed away suddenly only days into her life due to a heart defect that was unkown. It could have been tested for before she left the hospital but the test isn't mandatory. Read about their cause here:
Cora's story

I came across this article today about heart health in women.

The statistics are really alarming.

Please, schedule regular visits with your doctor and advocate for yourself to get the necessary testing, especially if there is any hereditary connection to heart disease or cancer.

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Karyn said...

Good for you to begin to be aware of this at an early age. NOW is the time to learn as much as possible and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and eating habits so that you will have a healthy middle and old age.

I say learn as much as you can about food - what is real food and how non food edible products affect you.

Your grandparent's fates do not have to be yours.