Saturday, February 20, 2010

He's done it!


Finally, Luca is potty trained!

This week has been amazing - not even 1 pair of poopy underwear!!! Woo hoo!!!

Thanks in part to Suzanne at The Potty Bootcamp . When she offered to send me her ebook, I was thrilled and so full of hope that there would be something new to try.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed upon receiving it because there was nothing new to us in there. BUT, reading about her methods made me realize that perhaps we weren't being forceful enough in following through with our attempts.

Before Christmas I had heard from a friend of a friend that they made their child stay in the bathroom until she pooped and that this was what worked for her. We did try it, without success. Thinking back, I now realize that we didn't wait long enough before letting him come out, thinking he just didn't have to go.

So, last Monday we decided to try this again as a last resort after having read about it in Suzanne's book. One thing that Suzanne suggested was to tell Luca that it was the doctor that said it was time to stop pooping in his pants and that he had to stay in the bathroom until he went on the toilet. At first I didn't think that this would make a difference, but then I thought about it and realized that if he didn't think it was us that was telling him to poop, he wouldn't have us to rebel against. And, that is pretty much the root of the problems we were facing with Luca- he wanted to do the opposite of what we wanted him to do.

So, after giving him the "doctor said so" speech and sending him to the bathroom, all we could do was wait. There was crying and wailing on Luca's part. We didn't engage him, just let him vent. Eventually he realized we weren't going to budge and after a loooooonnnnnggggg time, he finally sat on the toilet and pooped!

We're talking hours here. The kid ate a sandwich in the bathroom. Just remembering it gives me the willies. Ewwww. BUT, he was NOT coming out until he pooped and we meant business.

The next day it was going to be the same routine - eat breakfast, go into the bathroom until he went. I was delighted when after only half an hour he pooped!

And the best part? He was SO proud of HIMSELF!!!! He knew at this point that he could do it. That day continued with him going 3 more times (he's a mega pooper, many times a day). By the end of the day he was self initiating and just going on his own.

5 days later, I think it is safe to say that he is potty trained! He has been feeling the urge to go and heading to the bathroom himself. And all those times he had to clean himself up after pooping in his pants has made him a pretty experienced bum wiper too! I hardly have to help at all! At least that paid off....

Along with being freed from "poopy jail" he also got a big prize. A Leapster console and game had been sitting on our mantle for the last week, in plain sight, begging to be played with. Luca knew he had to poop to get it. He also knows that if he doesn't continue pooping on the toilet that the Leapster will go back up on the mantle. So far, no accidents.

I feel so much better now. My excitement and pride is just overflowing. I didn't realize how many feelings I had tied up in this debacle. Not just frustration at him but anger, disappointment and feelings of failure in my parenting. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I know that there will be accidents but knowing that it won't be a repeating event day after day is so exhilirating.

I know, exhilirating is a strong word - that's how happy I am about this!

Now its Levi's turn......


Writer Mom said...

Huge congrats to all of you in this stressful endeavour! Parenting is so difficult as there are so many things outside of our control. Enjoy this big success, hug it close for the next round of parenting adventures, whatever they may be!

The Tompkins Family said...



Raelene said...

So, so awesome!!!! Congrats to all of you!!!

Carri said...

I am soo soo happy for you Janice!! This has got to feel great for you and for Luca! Good job at being strong!!

CanadianMama said...


I am so so so happy for you and for Luca! Congrats a million times over :)))))

ps. Can I borrow that book?

Amy said...

yayyyyy!!! Way to go Luca! And yay for you too Janice!

Karyn said...

So glad that's over! Good chance Levi will not have the same problems - he'll find something else to torment you with *snicker* - but at least it won't be poopy pants (probably). :)

I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns and making him stay in the bathroom until he did what he was supposed to do. It is not easy to listen to your little one cry, making you feel like a bad mommy for keeping him cooped up. Good for you!!!!