Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Potty Training Blues

As you may be well aware, Luca and I have been having a battle of wills about the potty for some time now.

He refuses to poop on the potty and I am getting very frustrated and tired of cleaning poopy underwear.

Luca turned 3 on June 29th. He should be ready to potty train. At least that's what I am told and am reading. I have run out of ideas.

I tried letting him run around bottom-less and that seemed to be the most successful method yet in that he really didn't want to poop on the floor. Unfortunately, he got really good at holding it until about 53 seconds after he had his pull-up on to go to bed. I don't know what is more frustrating- pooping in underwear or holding it to poop in a pull up that is less than a minute old! I'm kinda cheap and I hate that he is basically wasting a pull-up! Those things are not cheap!

So, any suggestions?????

To make matters worse, Adelynn, Dee's 2 and a half year old basically decided a few weeks ago that she was done with diapers and has been doing wonderfully using the potty. She still has the accident here and there, but is consistently using the potty both for pee and pooping. I wish she could teach Luca a thing or two!

I know it can't be forced but seriously! Something's gotta give!!!!

Any help you might have is greatly appreciated. I've exhausted all my ideas, now I need yours!


Karyn said...

I have no real advise for you, Jan - I cannot remember what I did to make my boys go in the potty. All I can say is that eventually, they ALL learn to use the toilet. Be patient, this will not last forever. It could be that one day you will be pulling out your hair over this issue and the next he will 'get it'.

This too, will pass.

I promise.

Poltzie said...

Sorry, I too have nothing. I am not looking forward to potty training. My best friend has four year old twins, they are still having accidents and it took her until last month to get them 90% trained. She was pulling her hair out!

Good luck and have fun in VEGAS!!

The Tompkins Family said...

I have no idea. I hope you figure it out and then you can pass along the advice to me when it's time. Maybe go out shopping for a brand new, extra special potty that is especially for pooping that Luca gets to pick out?

Vanessa said...

the girl who writes on the kickyboots blog also had the same problem with her three year old. She simply put her daughter in the bathroom and told her she couldn't come out until she made a poop...sounds cruel...but I guess it worked.
Here's the link:
...even if you don't follow her potty advice, it's still a funny post to read!

T and J Heuver said...
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T and J Heuver said...
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