Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • The boys are finishing up their second week of school. Levi has school one Friday a month and today's the day. I am so happy to report that they both LOVE school! They are always eager to go- although Luca likes me to stay with him and hold his hand til the bell goes rather than join his friends in the lineup. I'm cherishing those few minutes of hand holding and the hug and kiss that comes as soon as the bell rings and he runs off to join his class. Levi often needs to be reminded to come give me a hug and kiss before rushing to join his little friends on the carpet at preschool.

  • Yesterday I subbed at Luca's school in the classroom directly across the hall. I peeked in a few times to spy on him hard at work without him knowing. I'm so proud of my boy. A quick chat after school with his teacher to see how he was doing confirmed what I already knew- he's doing just fine. He's a great reader (she said she actually needs to sit down with him again because he zipped through all the sight words she had for her assessment!). She told me a cute story about their work yesterday. The class was supposed to be drawing pictures to tell a story. They are focussing on using pictures to tell stories rather than words at this point. She looked over to see Luca leaning over his neighbor's desk writing sentences in his friend's journal. When she asked him what he was up to, he told her he was helping his friend because he didn't know how to write the words that he wanted. Mrs. M explained that while that was a very nice thing to do, he shouldn't do someone else's work for them and that they were just drawing pictures right now. Turns out his book was full of words and sentences too! Keener.

  • Levi always cracks me up. Earlier this week my mom was here for a few days. On the drive home from preschool, Levi was looking at an Avon book and showing my mom all the different makeup. He asked her which color she wanted. When she responded that she didn't actually wear makeup, Levi replied without missing a beat "Well, maybe you should." I nearly died laughing. But that would be bad since I was driving. 

  • To celebrate our 10th anniversary last weekend, Chris and I went for dinner at Smugglers- a delicious restaurant that serves amazing prime rib. We both had prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies and the wonderful salad bar. It was so good and we left with very full bellies. BUT, currently Blizzards at DQ are Buy 1 Get one for 99 cents.....SO, even with our very full bellies, we stopped and got dessert. And we even got home a full hour before we told the sitter to expect us. The boys were just brushing their teeth so we tucked them in and intended to snuggle up and watch a movie but as soon as I layed down, my eyes got droopy. A full belly and a cozy bed had me asleep in no time. Chris watched a movie alone. Haha

  • The 5K run is just 2 weeks away! On our last run, Dee and I logged 3.8kms. Getting there!

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