Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Luca is loving school. He's always so excited to go, which is great! BUT, he comes home so tired and is a bear all afternoon!  I know that if we can make it through the afternoon, bedtime will be smooth sailing because he is so tired. That's the silver lining right there.

  • I subbed in Luca's class today. He was really excited leading up to today knowing I was going to be the teacher but then at school he barely paid any attention to me. He paid attention when it counted, but didn't seem to give a hoot if I was there or not. Even though my feelings were a bit hurt, I guess that means he's confident enough that he doesn't need to hang off me.

  • There are currently 25 children in Luca's class and 25 in the other kindergarten class. HOPEFULLY the classes will be split soon to make a 3rd class. All the parents are anxiously waiting to see if this will happen (it is dependant on funding for another part time teacher).  Let me tell you- after being the teacher in there today will all those kids and about 6 of whom are a handful, I think that if they don't split the classes Carla (Luca's teacher) will go insane by Thanksgiving!

  • Last Friday I got a random call from the school board. It was the lady in charge of the staffing for Teaching Assistants. They were in a bind and were wondering if I would be interested in working as an EA (Educational Assistant) on a temporary basis until a permanent EA could be found.  The reason I was asked  even though I am overqualified as a certified teacher, is that the job is on a Hutterite Colony and few people are willing to work out there. On my Sub form, I stated that I was happy to sub there and have in the past, so I was asked to take this support position for a little while. I'm working with an absolutely adorable little guy for two and a half hours a day, in the mornings. I'll be there for 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly a permanent aide can be found.  So far I am absolutely loving it. I'll write a post about how awesome the members of the colony are later.

  • Last weekend we headed out to Wilderness Village near Rocky Mountain House for our last camping weekend of the season. Friends of ours have a site out there and it is fantastic. They invited us out and we had a great time visiting, playing and even venturing into the outdoor pool!  The boys are already asking if we can go back in the summer. I'm sure that we will take advantage of their hospitality next year!

  • While we were out camping, Luca was tripped by Loki's leash and did a faceplant in the gravel resulting in some pretty awesome scrapes, scabs and bruises on his forehead. Of course, today would be "picture day" at school.....I'm fairly certain we will be getting retakes done on retake day!

This picture actually doesn't do it justice. The scabs are quite dark and there is more bruising than you can see in the picture. Ah, life with boys!
  • Last week I spoke at a prenatal class again with a fellow doula and friend of mine. We put quite a bit of effort into making our presentation very concise and covering a range of topics related to doula care, modern birthing choices and options for birth. I think it went very well. Last spring when we spoke at the same class (different participants), both Shannon and I benefited by getting clients from the class. I'm not expecting that to happen this time as there were only 4 couples there and 1 of the couples hired me months ago to be their doula! Oh well, I'm hoping we will be invited back to their next session. At the very least, I hope we gave those couples some very valuable information.


The Tompkins Family said...

I did part of my first practicum at a colony! It was AWESOME. The kids are so well behaved!!

Fingers crossed they add another kindergarten class...25 is insane! I feel for the teachers!

Joy said...

Janice, Luca has the most beautiful smile. I think that every time I see pics of him :))