Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Smattering of Stuff

Ok, I know it has been over a month since I last posted but I've been super busy!

I changed the page on the calendar this morning and had to just stop for a moment. Wait, what? Its SEPTEMBER???

Summer flew by. For the most part we had great weather and enjoyed lots of time in the yard or at the splash park.  We had a pretty good routine of getting up, having breakfast and heading out to the back yard. They boys would play on the trampoline or in the sand box while I sat on the deck with a book and coffee. Sometimes we had friends over to play, sometimes we just enjoyed the day quietly, just the 3 of us.

When we went to the splash park, we usually met friends there. We would pack a lunch, take a blanket or sun tent and the boys would spend hours going between the splash park and the playground while the mommies visited and kept eyes on all the children.

We managed to get out camping for an extended weekend this August. The boys and I went out on Wednesday (Chris took the trailer out Tuesday to Red Lodge near Bowden).  Chris came out Wednesday after work for supper and helped get the kids to bed, then headed back home for the night and came out after work Thursday for the weekend. We had great weather and had a fun time camping.  Next summer I plan to take one of the summer months off so that we can enjoy camping without trying to plan around babies.  Babies can be so unpredictable sometimes... ;)

Sunny, lazy, fun days of summer.

Not every day was so lazy and laid back though. Between the first weekend in June and August 31, I attended 9 births and welcomed 10 babies to the world. Some were fast and went smoothly, others were long and had ups and downs of emotion and intervention.  In each one, Mommy and Baby were perfect and healthy and I left each experience humbled and honored to be a part of such an incredible event in each of those family's lives. 

I'm looking forward to a bit of a break for about 6 weeks (I'll still be meeting with clients and speaking at a prenatal class) and will be ready adn recharged for the 5 more births I have between the end of October and the beginning of December. I chose not to take any clients between now and the end of October so I could truly be present and enjoy this change in our lives. Next Wednesday, my big boy goes to his first day of kindergarten.

I have so many mixed feelings about what next week will bring. A milestone. In my mind, a HUGE milestone. It feels bigger than it did when he started preschool.  Kindergarten is the first step of "real" school. He will be attending in the public school in Crossfield with the bigger kids. This will be his school for the next 6 years.  Next Wednesday will be the first day of 13 years of school.

It seems like not long ago I was holding my first child in my arms for the very first time. Now I will be sending him off to school. He's 5. He's independent. He's strong willed at times. He's shy and cuddly. He's growing up. But he's still my baby.

On the other hand, I am ready for the routine that school brings. The early bed times, the schedule that we all can settle into. Spending mornings with Levi- just him and me. 

Luca's teacher is a friend of mine, she lives down the street and we have spent some time with her and her family this summer. She is kind and warm and I know that Luca will be comfortable in her classroom. I also know that she is a wonderful, careful and thoughtful teacher. I know this because I have been her substitute teacher for 2 years now and have seen the inner workings of her classrooms.  I have no anxiety whatsoever about the person that Luca will be spending every morning with. That makes me happy.

Luca is so excited to start school. We have a new backpack, lunch kit, indoor shoes and clothes all purchased and ready.  School supplies have been ordered and delivered to the school (our school does a direct purchasing program- we just go online and choose the class our child is in, pay a very reasonable price and exactly what the teacher requested is then packaged and sent directly to the school and placed in the classroom labeled with the students' names.)

Levi and I start MOPS next Thursday.  Levi calls MOPS "his school". He loves going and feels so grown up, like his brother.  I'm looking forward to another year of getting to know some more moms, enjoying the guest speakers and activities MOPS provides and of course, the amazingly delicious snacks we get each week!

I'm planning to sub again this year when I can between births. Now that I'm getting busier wtih doula clients, it may become a bit more difficult to sub on a regular basis. We'll see what this year brings.

Next Wednesday, September 7th is not only Luca's first day of school, but is our 9th wedding anniversary.  I don't know if I'm just feeling nostalgic because I'm reflecting on how quickly Luca has gone from an infant to a school aged child, but I'm also reminiscing about our wedding day. That too, feels like it happened only yesterday. I guess the years go by quickly when you are busy with a young family and genuinely enjoy the company of your spouse.  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful partner in life. Here's to 9 years and many, many more. I love you babe!


CanadianMama said...

Aww, this was such a great post! Congrats on NINE years (that is huge) and good luck to Luca in school (although he won't need it)! How these kids grow up so fast is beyond me!

Sandra said...

Oh my, you are busy! I am in awe of you, delivering babies. I went into nursing so I could be a labour and delivery nurse, but I felt so left out while the doc was delivering those babies when I did my L&D rotation, I figured I hadn't found my niche in nursing. I think you are doing what I'd love, but probably would never have the persistence, or even the intelligence to accomplish!