Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Go here!

I was directed to this blog by a friend a while ago and have been following it closely ever since.

This family has been through incredible hardships, but the way that they work together and rely on their faith and the strength of their friends and people that they only know through the blogging world is so amazing.

Be prepared to spend some time reading to play "catch up" with what this family has endured, but I promise you this:

You will cry, you will rejoice in their successes and you will be reminded to never take anything for granted.

If this family can make it through these struggles, I can make it through mine, which seem miniscule in comparison.

Mayhew family, you are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

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The Tompkins Family said...

They are truly an amazing family. Through hardships none of us even want to imagine, they stay strong and rely on each other. I have to agree Janice, they are never far from my thoughts...may we all send positive vibes their way and be grateful for the health of our own families.