Monday, May 25, 2009

Our new trailer!

I am a little behind in posting this, oops.

As you may know, in the past we have had "junker" trailers that got us by, kept a roof over our heads. I'd like to say "kept us dry", but last summer that actually wasn't the case. Poor Luca woke up in a puddle of water that had been dripping down onto him all night. Chris did fix the leak and it would have done us another year, but we ran into another dilemma.

There were really only 2 beds, and we knew that the boys would never get any sleep if they were to be sharing a bed. If they were older, it wouldn't be a problem but a 3 year old and a 13 month old? That spells trouble. Last year Chris and I each shared a bed with a child, but that wasn't going to last forever.

This spring we decided that if this summer's camping trips were going to be enjoyable, that we would need to look at getting something a bit larger, with a better set up for beds.

We had been looking on Kijiji for a while and other advertising sites and did some research on what we might like. We finally decided on a layout that we thought would work for us- bunks for the boys and a queen (preferrably) bed for us. Not more than 27 feet in length including the hitch or it wouldn't fit in our driveway. Anything else was gravy.

We knew our budget and began looking within that budget. We found a few trailers fitting our needs by private sellers. We did some looking at dealerships but discovered that the layout that we wanted was very desireable and when dealerships did get them in as trades, they went out again very quickly.

So, it was off to the private sellers.

On May 2, we found our trailer. We are so excited about it. We know that we will have many good trips in it.

It is a 1998, 24 foot Fleetwood Wilderness Lite.

It has a queen bed in a seperate bedroom. With sliding doors for privacy. It is an actual queen mattress, not those uncomfortable foamy cushions that you normally sleep on in a trailer.

There is a roomy "living" area with storage, oven and stove and a large fridge and seperate freezer. There is also a dinette and storage above the dinette.

If we needed extra sleeping space, the dinette and storage above it convert to beds as well, so we could sleep 6-8 people if we had to.

The boys' bunks are at the back, and Luca quickly laid claim to the top bunk. Also at the back of the trailer is the bathroom with toilet, sink, tub and shower. Luca was pretty pumped about the little tub!

It also came with an RVQ, the BBQs that attach right to the trailer and run on the trailer's propane. There is also an outdoor shower with hot and cold taps.

We are so excited to take it out this weekend on its maiden voyage (with the Graham family, anyway!). We are heading to Bow Valley Campground in Kananaskis with some friends from Crossfield. Unfortunately, after we had bought it, all the weekends up til now already had prior commitments so this is our first chance to go out with it.

We are also heading to Drumheller the following weekend, Ponoka for a family camping weekend with Chris' family on Father's Day weekend, and then are planning a trip to Montana and Yellowstone National Park July 5-16 or so. We look forward to a fun summer of camping!


The Tompkins Family said...

Looks fantastic! I am oh so jealous! We have been tent campers for years but now with a baby, that is SO not happening!

Karyn said...

Can't wait to see it! have a great camping summer!