Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Back to work!

Well, today was my first official day back in the classroom. Actually, it was just for a morning, which was a nice way to ease back into it. I decided in April to return to subbing a few days a month, but it took me until last week to actually take my paperwork into the office to get put on the list. Yup, that's how excited I was about it! Haha

I worked this morning at one of the middle schools in Airdrie in Resource (special ed). It was basically the same job that I had left when I went on mat leave, just at a different school with different kids. It was great.

My boys were safe and happy at Dee's place. I had no qualms about leaving them to return to work knowing that they were in Dee's loving arms. I know that Dee loves my boys like they were her own and our kids get along like siblings...including the fighting! :) We've got our little business plan- me going back to work benefits both of us financially. Yay!

I think I am really going to enjoy subbing again. Its funny, when I was subbing in Ponoka, all I wanted was a position at a school. Now that I have had a position, all I want is to sub! Subbing gives me the flexibilty that a contract didn't, it gives me time to spend with the kids- the reason I like teaching, which my contract didn't do as much as I would have liked (too many meetings and hours working on paperwork), and it allows me to leave at the end of the day with no work to be done at home! I get to go in, do the job and leave without all the extra hours of work and without the politics of being a part of a school staff. Because there are ALWAYS politics.

Over the course of my morning, I was asked by 3 different people (including the principal) if I was looking for a full time position in the fall, particularly in resource. As tempting as the paycheque would be, I'm just not wanting to work full time any time soon. I feel that I missed so much of Luca's days when I was working full time. I was really torn. My boys will only be this young once and I am determined to be there as much as I can to enjoy it all.

I love being a stay at home mom, but being in the classroom again reminded me that I am more than just a diaper changing, meal cooking, house cleaning mom. I am also a teacher, a job that I really enjoy. It is nice to get a bit of time to pursue my interests away from my kids a little bit too.

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