Monday, June 18, 2007

Luca's a travelling man!

Luca is now officially a "walker". He is now walking more often than he is crawling, and quite proud of himself, too! :) He seems to think it is just great that he can walk AND carry toys at the same time! Anyone who has been to our house knows "the loop" that we have, and Luca loves to walk this takes him a while, but he can do it all on 2 feet!

Luca's 5th tooth made its appearance yesterday. He now has 3 on top and 2 on the bottom, although I expect that the partner for this new top one will poke through any day now.

In less than 2 weeks, Luca will be 1!!!! I can hardly believe that a year as passed so quickly! I can so easily recall how enormous and uncomfortable I was at this time last year! It was much hotter then than it is now. I remember spending most of my time in the basement with a slurpee! Haha! Chris was in Houston, Texas at this time last year, as well, with me here, worried that I would go into labour without him. Luckily, Luca hung in there for a week after Chris came home!

Here's the plan for Luca's birthday- because we don't know what will be happening with our house (whether it will be being shown, sold, who knows) that weekend, we are going to go camping from June 29- July 2. We will be staying in Ponoka to watch the Stampede Parade on the morning of the 29th, Luca's actual birthday. Sometime after the parade, we will be heading out to our campsite at Ol' MacDonald Resort on Buffalo Lake, near Alix.

Luca's birthday party will be on Saturday, June 30th. Anyone that would like to come for the party is invited for the day, but the party will begin probably around 2ish. There is so much to do there, such as hay rides, petting zoo, swimming ( I think they have an outdoor pool as well as the lake), mini golf, a playground, etc. We will be having supper and of course, Birthday Cake and Ice Cream! Anyone that is planning to come, please RSVP by June 25th.

You can check out the website for the campground at

As for our house....we had an open house last week that saw about 5 groups come through. Pretty good for Ponoka. A few people seemed quite interested, and one guy was going to come back for a second look, but changed his mind. :( So frustrating! Our realtor is still waiting to hear from another couple that seemed quite interested.

We have now dropped our price $20 000 since listing, in the hopes that it would attract more buyers and we can do a quick sale. Keep your fingers crossed that the right buyer comes along soon. Very soon.

As for the house in Crossfield, apparently the market there has slowed down similarly to the market here. Houses just aren't selling as quickly as they were a few months ago. So, that is good news for us on one hand. There have been no other offers on the house that we want, so the likelyhood of getting another extension on our offer is good. On the other hand, the prices around there may also be changing. We're not sure if they have, but it is a possibility. As of yet, our offer on price stays the same on that house, the only thing that has changed is the expiry date of the offer.

We also were hoping to move mid-July, but that may not be an option for us right now, unless our house sells and the buyer wants a quick posession. But, since it is less than a month away, it will most likely be pushed back to later in the summer. Chris and I are both looking forward to being together every evening. Having Chris away 5 days a week is draining on both of us, and Chris is getting tired of living in a hotel.

I have applied for 2 teaching positions for the fall so far. A Grade 4 and a Grade 5 position in Didsbury and Carstairs. I am not counting on even gettting an interview, but maybe our luck will change soon...:) It is tough not to be a bit skeptical when I have been without a contract for 3 years now. There are just too few jobs and too much competition. Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed for that, too.

I have only 2 days of work left (including today) before I am off for the summer! Woo hoo! I have enjoyed my days back at work (for the most part), but am looking forward to being at home with Luca again.

I am also so very looking forward to the Faith Hill/ Tim McGraw concert on Wednesday!!! It seemed like so far away when we bought the tickets, and here it is only 2 days away! Yippee!!!

That's all for now....I'll try to get some pics up soon, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate! :)


Anonymous said...

Are his teeth coming in with order or hit and miss. Let's see, I think that Kathryn had her eye teeth come in first, vampire, freaky looking for awhile.

Karyn/Mom said...

Yay for Luca! a new stage for Mommy and Daddy.

Might be good to lose the extension on the Carstairs house so you can make a lower offer since the market is swinging toward the buyer.

Keeping you in our prayers re: the house situation. Will add the job situation which will, I assume include needing someone to care for Luca. Andy Dyck and his wife Stephanie live in Airdre, BTW. She is a stay at home mom, I'm pretty sure. You never know, she may be able to sit. She has 2 boys. That is if you get a job in Airdre.

Anyway, we'll see you at the lake. We are happy to celebrate Luca's first birthday with y'all