Monday, June 04, 2007


Ok, I am finally able to sit down for a few minutes and write something....there won't be any pictures tonight, but hopefully by the end of the week...

Where to begin? It has been soooo long!

About a week and a half ago, Luca took his first "real" steps! My dad was here saying goodbye to Luca and I before he left again for work(Chris was in Calgary) and Luca just started to walk from our dining room table to me, in the living room. It was such a surprise, and of course, I cried! While I was disappointed that Chris missed seeing it, I was happy that my dad was able to witness it. With him working away, Luca has changed every time he sees him. So, it was nice that he was able to be here for such a big event! Luca did walk for his Daddy the next day, though!

He hasn't really caught on to actually "walking" yet, though. He'll take a few steps in between pieces of furniture, but isn't quite confident enough yet to GO. Soon, though, I'm sure. It has definitely been exciting to watch!

Luca walked the day before my first day back at work, shich made it extra hard to leave him for the day. He was in very capable hands with Jacquie, and he actually didn't walk at her place (they have laminate, while we have carpet, so I think he was a bit afraid).

My first day abck at work was in a grade 1 classroom all day. Boy, did I ever forget just how tiring a room full of 6 year olds could be! All I wanted to do at the end of the day (well, after lunch, actually!) was nap! But, it was a good day, and it was nice to be back. I was welcomed by many teachers that said that they had missed me, and it is always a good feeling when someone is glad to see you because they appreciate the good job that you do.

Last week I worked 2 half days (mornings only) and that was nice. I am liking the half days better than the full days. This week I have a half day and 2 full days booked, so I am pretty sure that I will be tired come the weekend.

Luca and Donovan started swimming lessons at the pool here in town 2 weeks ago. Luca absolutely LOVES being in the water and splashing around. Donny usually loves it, but for some reason does not like the lessons. I think that it has more to do with the instructor than the actual water or the lesson. The instructor is a teenage boy who doesn't seem to know when to back off and give Donny space- he just keeps on keepin on, and Donny eventually gets to the point where he is screaming and crying. The instructor is away next week and we have a "sub" so we'll see if that makes a difference for Donovan.

The point of lessons this young is just ot familiarize the kids with the water, to learn to blow bubbles and to float. Luca really likes to float on his back (with my help, of course) and look up at the ceiling. Last week the little ones got life jackets and we took them into the big pool. Luca really liked it in there, and it was much easier on me, not having to crawl around on my knees in the kiddie pool! Chris and I have taken Luca swimming a few times and he just really loves to be in the water.

Chris has been at his new job for about a month now. He is really enjoying the job, but having him gone Monday- Friday has been tough. (And sometimes more often, but that's another story...) He is definitely starting to realize some of the pressures that come with being in charge, though. I am so proud of him for all that he has accomplished and I know that he will continue to do well in this position.

Our offer on the Crossfield house was to expire on May 31st, but we were granted an extension until June 21st. Our house has had quite a few people look at it, but many are disappointed at the size of our backyard. Hopefully the right buyer comes along soon. The biggest problem that we are facing is the market. As of yesterday, there were 45 single family homes listed in Ponoka. Of those, 14 are in teh $250-300k range, which is where our house is sitting. So, there is lots for a buyer to choose from right now. We are just trying to think positively and hope that someone comes along that prefers the 3 car garage to the larger back yard. And hopefully soon!

It is definitely difficult trying to keep our house in a show-worthy state all the time with Luca around. It seems that every time I turn to put something away, he's pulled out 2 more things! Oh well, he is learning and having fun!

Last week Luca was 11 months old! Wow! I can hardly believe that he is almost a year old! I really can't believe how quickly time passes! Soon we will be planning his birthday party!

This last weekend was Chris' company picnic in Edmonton. It was a little disappointing, with most people leaving to go golfing, but Chris, Luca and I spent a wonderful afternoon together walking and we even went on a paddle boat ride. Luca cried for about half the time, but mainly I think because his life jacket was digging into his chin whenever he sat down. It was fun though, it had been ages since Chris or I had been on a paddle boat!

Well, that's the biggest stuff that I can think of right now. I will try to add some pictures this week, but as you read, I am working 3 days, so will be a bit busy, but I promise to try!

And I really do promise to get posting more often again! :)


Anonymous said...

I love to hear that Luca is loving to swim!! I think its an excellent skill to have, and something that I love to do very much!
I didn't know that you were back at work! Wow, it must be hard to leave the little guy for a whole day!
It was great to see you guys on Sunday! I hope to get out to see you guys again before the summer is up!
Take care,

Rob, Lana and their Girls said...

Busy Busy. Hopefully the house sells soon and Chris can be home every night.

Karyn/Mom said...

thanks for the update. Glad you got to have your sunday together, even if it was shortened. have a good week. Did you find a babysitter ok? How's Jacquie doing?

Dad, Paka, Jim, Jimmy, Uncle Jim, Nephew, Sweety said...

You are exactly correct. Someone will come along and really want the home for the garage. Be patient and hopeful.

The Grahams said...

Finding a babysitter was tough, but we managed. Jacquie is feeling a bit better, so she will be taking Luca next week with Joanne's help.