Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally, some pictures!

***Just a reminder that you can click on the photo and it should show you a larger image. You might want to do this for the last 2 photos***

Finally I have a chance to try to put some pictures up, as long as Blogger cooperates...there will probably be quite a few, and I will keep the text minimal to make up for the previous 2 loooonnngggg posts! :)

Working hard on Daddy's blackberry.

Graham Family June 4, 2007

Donovan and Luca in the tub

11 months old!


Meeting Daisy-May at Nona and Papa's

Teagan and Xadrian with Daisy

Funnel cloud Northwest of Ponoka June 21, 2007

Want some tomato sauce??

For those of you that may not have heard, we accepted an offer on our house on Wednesday. The offer is conditional to finalizing their financing and a home inspection. These conditions are to be removed by June 30th, and we are still planning to move mid-July. We'll be needing some help to move, so we'll be tracking everyone down that is able-bodied! :)

On Wednesday, I went to the Faith Hill/ Tim McGraw concert in Edmonton. It was wonderful! We had great seats, and they played for a full 3 hours. It was definitely worth the money and we (Jacquie, Carri and I) had a great time. Hopefully I will have some pictures from the show soon...just waiting to get them from Carri.


Karyn/Mom said...

Great photos, as usual, Janice! I always enjoy pictures of Luca! He's such a fun little guy.

Dad, Paka, Jim, Jimmy, Uncle Jim, Nephew, Sweety said...

I really like the family picture of you three. With Chris looking between you and Luca. Hey we had a great time at Tim and Faith concert. The seats were great, no one infront of us, I was able to stretch out my legs. The light show was awesome. Live band playing is the best. Nothing is faked, at least I did not see any evidence of canned music. I like Tim more that Faith, their styles are different. Tim's world view as a dad plays right into my my sense of parenal responsibility.