Monday, April 02, 2007

New video!

I have finally gotten around to putting up some new videos of Luca. One is of him copying Chris. Just watch, it is hilarious! What a copycat!

The other one is Luca telling a "story". He has become so vocal, and tries to mimick some things that you say. It's too cute!

Go to:


Chris has my USB cable for the new camera in his laptop bag with him in Calgary, so I can't load any pictures yet. Soon, though.

Yesterday Chris and Pat built us some heavy duty storage shelves in our utility room. They are so great! We haev so much space, and everything is so much easier to organize! Most of it is teaching stuff, so if I ever get a job, there will be even more room!

Luca is pulling himself up on everything! The other day he pulled a kitchen chair over on top of himself. I felt so bad! I had just checked on him and he was playing with magnets on the fridge, then the next thing I know, there was a huge crash and he was on the floor with a chair on top of him. Poor guy.

He loves to "walk" now too. He is cruising along holding on to furniture, and loves to hold on to your hands and walk with you. I think that it won't be too much longer and he will be off. By his birthday, I am quite sure.

I am reading a most amazing book right now, on the suggestion of Pat. It is called "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. I am so engrossed in it, that is why I haven't posted in a while. Every chance I get, I am reading another little bit. (It is ficticious, but I think it is loosely based on an actual event)

It is about a 13 year old girl who was basically conceived to donate stem cells and bone marrow to her sister, who has leukemia. She files for medical emancipation from her parents as she no longer wants to be a donor and was never actually asked if she wanted to. You would think that immediately you would take the side of the child, but it is so well written that you begin to empathise with the parents, who only want to do everything they can to keep their daughter healthy, as any parent would do. I think that if I had read this book a year ago, it wouldn't have struck me quite so deeply, but now that I have a child, it is much easier to understand the idea that you would do anything for you child(ren). Anyway, I am nearing the end of the book and am so moved by it. It really opens the gates for a moral and ethical discussion, either with others, or just a debate within yourself. I absolutely recommend it to anyone. I will loan it to anyone who is interested.

I don't usually recommed a book with such feirce conviction, but this book is one that anyone can get lost in, it has so many different aspects to it.

On another note, I am so happy that I have finally gotten in touch with a friend from Augustana that I have been trying to track down for quite a while. I really am! I haven't been this excited to get an email from someone in a long time. So, Flegal, if you are reading this, you better keep in touch this time! ;)

Well, that's about all I have time to write right now, because Luca is just starting to wake up from his nap, and I need to get lunch ready.

I will try to get some newer pictures up as soon as Chris returns my USB cord. IN the meantime, enjoy the videos!


Mike and Tor said...

Those are great videos. I laughed so hard at the one where he's copying cute. He obviously pays attention to his daddy.
You'll have to show me how to post those videos sometime - I'd love to share some of our videos with people.

Karyn/Mom said...

What a cute boy! I love watching him on video - a chance to see him when he is completely comfortable.. not among a buch of "strangers" as he usually is when we see him.

It sounded to me like he was trying to copy your "really" and "wow". Maybe he'll be an early talker like his mommy.

Karyn/Mom said...
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The Grahams said...

He has actually been saying "wow" and dada for a while now. I thought that it sounded like he was trying to copy "really" too, but didn't want to say and have people think I was just one of those mommies. :)
He said mama today!!!!! Horray!
He doesn't use mama and dada exclusively for us yet, but its a start!
Did it take forever for you to download the videos?

Karyn/Mom said...

yes, the videos take forever. I just let them download while I do something else then, when they are completely "there", I go back and watch them. They are worth the wait!