Monday, April 09, 2007

New Camera Pics

Random photos from my new camera. I have an adorable subject, don't you think? :)

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" Oh, hi Mom! I just thought I'd help you reorganize these

Luca loves drinking out of a "big boy" cup!

Luca loves to have a bath- as soon as the water is turned on, he crawls as quickly as he can to watch the water.



We haven't had a family photo in ages...this one was the best shot that we got. Donovan wasn't very cooperative, and for some reason my dad looks like he would rather be anywhere else. He wasn't that grumpy, really! Oh, and Ryan, Sarah's boyfriend is also in the picture.

Such a cool dude on his trike!


Luca's Easter Outfit

I swear this is only sparkling apple juice!

Luca cuddling with Uncle Dan

These 2 pictures are from this morning. Luca was standing at the couch, and his pants just fell down to his ankles! It was so funny. He thought so, too!


megan said...

I could list off my favorites..but, I pretty much love them all.

Wish I could have got better family pic's for you. I like how Ryan is holding the puppy for Donny. heheh.

Karyn/Mom said...

These are terrific! thanks for taking the time to post all of these, Janice.

The Grahams said...

This post seriously took me all day- first of all, Blogger would only let me upload 1 or 2 pictures at a time, unlike the 5 that I usually do at once. Then, I kept losing my wireless connection on my lap top (Chris got me a laptop so I could "play" while Luca plays beside me...woohoo!). Literally, I started to upload pictures in the morning,but it was sooooo sllloooooowwwww that I would go and do something else for a while. Finally, when Luca was almost ready for bed, I got it finished! Otherwise there might be more pictures, even!

Megan- its not your fault at all about the pictures. Its tough to get that many people organized, especially kids! You did good with what you had to work with! :)

Auntie Karyn and Uncle Jim- have a great trip! Get outta this snow! :)

Mike and Tor said...

I know hey - Blogger is being so slow lately. Thanks for posting these Jan. I like the one where Luca loses his pants. He is getting so big - is he 9 months now? I thought he was a bit older for some reason.

The Grahams said...

Anonymous posts-

Please, please, please leave your name when posting, so I know who it was! Especially when saying you want to get together with us!!!! (not on this post but another that someone posted on today)