Monday, January 08, 2007

The wrath of the wind

Last night was extremely windy here in Ponoka and from what I hear, around the province. The wind kept me up most of the night. Surprisingly, though, Luca slept through it, and neither of us heard the crack of our tree breaking. We seem to be the only house on the block that suffered any damage...lucky us! I called the town to see if they would come and remove the fallen branch, and they said that they would look at it and if it wasn't on the road that it would be my problem. They came and cut it up with a chainsaw and took it away, which was nice. Of course, we could have done it, but this way it wasn't sitting there all day (or for a day or 2 until we could arrange for Chris or Pat to take care of it). Had this been the summer, my car would have been right where it landed, so good thing I am parked in the garage!


megan said...

Half way through, I thought "this better not end with her car being smashed in...".

Good thing for your garage.

Rob and the Girls said...

That wind was nasty. It kept me up most of the night too.

Karyn/Mom said...

glad you were in the garage!